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PLASTIC SURGERY takes Belgium to court for Eradication ESTIMATES

More than 30 Belgians are taking the Belgian State and Minister of the Interior Pieter De Crem (CD&V) to court because the corona measures are in conflict with the European Convention on Human Rights.

They demand all measures IMMEDIATELY be lifted.

Among them is the famous plastic surgeon Jeff Hoeyberghs.

The illustrious physician also writes books and gives lectures at Universities.

At the end of last year, he was lynched at Ghent University for his statements about women who are left-wing snowflakes at the Uni in Ghent could not really appreciate.

But Hoeyberghs (59) refused to take his words back.

He refers to the Red Pill movement on Facebook and says he is against current feminism.

The plastic surgeon himself filed a complaint against the feminazis in December for defamation and defamation. He also says that his comments are not punishable, but that the frustrated, complaining women suffer from "collective hysteria."

Lawyer Michael Verstraeten Jeff will soon represent in court during the case 'Angry Belgians versus the State of Belgium'

According to the lawyer, the severe freedom-restricting measures were taken simply copied from China, without having sufficient knowledge about the virus and without taking into account the European Convention on Human Rights.

'If you want to limit people's rights and freedoms, you have to CONCRETE OBJECTIVE to preserve public health ', reads in the summons.

Minister De Crem says he knows nothing and has not yet received a summons.

'I am not up to date of the summons, but the government will argue the decision-making process in court if necessary, 'said Minister de Crem.

Well-known Belgian virologist Marc Van Ranst finds the lawsuits against the State 'just idiot'.

There are two procedures brought against the Belgian State by the Belgians, because they believe that their freedoms are being restricted too much and their rights have been violated by the drastic corona measures.

Violate the corona measures basic human rights'their lawyer says.

Surgeon Hoeyberghs believes that this is the case of 'ORGANIZED EXTERMINATION of the elderly in residential care centers.'

The prosecutors first claim a symbolic compensation of 1 euro.

Lawyer Verstraeten expects the case to be heard within a few weeks.


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