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Poland CENSORS 'fake news' about corona.

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Twitter, for example, has been blocking people from receiving corona information from accounts that Twitter considers 'fakenews' for months. Critics believe that this endangers freedom of expression and that people should decide for themselves what responsible advice is.

But the Polish news agency and the GovTech Polska Program, they are a working group from various Polish ministries #FakeHunter Project started.

The project allows people to use an app to check whether certain information about corona is is correct.

The app works as follows:
An internet user sends a passage they want to verify. The passage is then sent to 'expert fake news fighters'.

They assess whether the information is correct and also comment. Ultimately, the project also publishes the judgment on their website within 24 hours.

Already 500 people have volunteered for the project. EVERYONE can register for the project, but the website does NOT explain the exact conditions.

A bobo from Polish government technology says the following about the project:

"#FakeHunter is a bold step in the fight against disinformation and fake news about the coronavirus. ”

"The aim of the project is to fight a common enemy: a fake news infodemic during the corona pandemic."

"We invite all journalists, internet users and fake news haters to fight against this common EVIL.", according to the Polish government.

Questioning WHO and the number of corona deaths, calling corona a flu, writing about a plandemia or scamdemic, calling for lockdown to end, joking about Dr. Fauci, and recommending hydroxychloroquine is all FAKE NEWS according to the FakeHunter app.

The Polish news agency also said that the uncertainty about what 'real news' en 'fake news' can be dangerous!

People's lives and the survival of businesses depend on it, according to the agency 'verified information'.

But that the lockdown jeopardizes the survival of companies and people's lives is, according to the FakeHunter app, disinformation and fakenews.






Spread the freedom!

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