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Poles are fed up and are opening catering establishments and ski resorts

"We will end this madness!"

Ski resorts, hotels and restaurants in Poland have announced they will reopen next week, despite national lockdown restrictions prohibiting them from doing so.

The hashtag #OtwieraMy stands for ignoring the corona measures.

Earlier this week, Poland extended the nationwide closure of tourism businesses to the end of February, a decision that sparked outrage among Tatra mountain communities in the south of the country.

“We will end this madness that is destroying Poland and the Poles. The middle class. Small and Medium Enterprises. Everything is destroyed and hundreds of people choose death every day! ”, said Sebastian Piton, who founded the 'Highlanders' Veto' movement. . He addressed journalists at a press conference while dressed in traditional Tatra mountain clothing.

About 200 companies are reported to have joined the movement and plans are expected to be revealed tomorrow about the proposed reopening of resorts.

“The entrepreneurs are so determined because they realize they won't survive another month - so they don't have a choice”, Piton said.

The ski season in Poland normally runs until the end of April, meaning resorts have a matter of weeks this winter to take things back.

"This is our last chance to veto this government policy, which is destroying us."

The movement was greeted with words of warning from the country's leaders. "I understand the emotions, the situation in this sector is difficult", said Piotr Muller, a spokesman for the Polish government.

"But opening it now would radically increase the number of cases and, unfortunately, deaths", he said unfounded. He will never be able to prove that like no leader can. On the contrary. Where there are no rules, people are better off in all areas and there is certainly no problem with corona.

“Poland currently has an infection rate of 172 per 100.000 people, with 5.642 new cases and.… Blah nonsensical info based on PCR tests that don't work and other nonsense as we see and hear in all media worldwide. WE DON'T CARE ANYMORE We don't need to see flu numbers and flu deaths in the news. We never did. And certainly no flu infections. Just be normal. You drive some of the people crazy, but the rest are awake, you know. We have been well informed for a year.

The government has said Zloty 1 billion (£ 196 million) will be available to help those affected by closures - but people like Piton are calling the figure “scraps”. Companies in the country's tourism and hotel industries have already filed a lawsuit over the restrictions and demand compensation.

“I hope our action will awaken all of Central Europe from this madness. A train heading for destruction, ” he said.

Well, that works out a bit. Italy must have set the example:

Waking! Opening 50.000 restaurants in Italy.


The closure of ski resorts has sparked debate across Europe in recent months. 

It started before Christmas when Italy was the first to close all its resorts - followed by France, where the lifts are still closed. Resorts in Austria were closed until Christmas Eve, after which time only locals could visit - including in Andorra, Spain and Norway.

Switzerland went against the trend and allowed its resorts to reopen to non-residents and remain open, as planned - but Britons are currently banned from entering the country.

Poland's Eastern European cousins ​​recently reopened their ski resorts with varying degrees of success. Lifts run in Bulgaria, home to some of the region's most popular ski resorts. Slovakia is also in a moronic situation: the resorts reopened in December, before closing again due to new lockdown restrictions and increasing cases in the new year. Meanwhile, the slopes in Slovenia are also empty.

Zakopane is the main ski resort in Poland, located at the foot of the Tatra Mountains along the Slovakian border.

 "The Polish government has decided that the ski slopes, hotels and restaurants will be closed until January 31, 2021", the resort said on social media. “The residents of Zakopane disagree with this decision, as the number of Covid-19 cases in Poland has dropped significantly in recent weeks. More than 85 percent of residents live off tourism, mainly in winter, and now they have to fight for the survival and livelihood of their families. This is a real drama for the residents of Zakopane. “

Ski resorts won't be the first to bend the rules in Poland. In the city Szczecin the owner of an ice rink decided to run the ice rink as a flower shop to get around the restrictions.


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