Dominik Tarczyński from Poland - Sharia? What are we talking about?

During a meeting of the European Council, the topic “Sharia in Europe” was discussed.

With such themes you have to go with thinking politicians like Dominik Tarczynskic from Poland. The Sharia is not there to discuss but to crack down on it because it does not fit in with our European culture.

Poland does not allow migrants from non-Western countries. The result is that Poland does not have to spend time and money on this problem group and society is a lot more pleasant in Poland and a lot of the misery we are experiencing in Western Europe is saving Poland. No attacks. No blocks of concrete at every shopping street "Confused men" in trucks. The Poles know very well what kind of misery they would otherwise bring in. It's that simple. Simply no is no!

The citizen expects the government to listen to the people and guarantee their safety. And they do that.

See here a video from Dominik from last year against the bewildered left press.

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