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Prinsjesdag: falsification of history and lies of coalition!

Budget Day has also fallen prey to falsification of history and coalition lies.

Now that the Golden Coach with our rich history has been stored in the museum and Willy has finished stuttering, we continue the speech from the throne.

A large number of things stand out. For the first time, the king must openly admit to the public that the "Multilateral World Order" is under pressure.

Until last week, this was still under the heading "Conspiracy theory". We have gotten chewed up on the UN 2021 agenda and we are afraid of it again climate change and mass immigration. They are also told that the money is running out, and instead of cutting back we are going to borrow and spend even more, from a new investment fund.

Stop, wait a minute.

A new investment fund, why? All alarm bells started to ring at me, because those investment funds are already there!

Let's go back to the previous financial crisis for a moment, because history is just repeating itself.

Sorry for the people who collectively pushed this man out of their memory, but it has to be said.

Former Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister of Balkenende 4, sir Wouter Bos (PvdA) sits comfortably in the job carousel.

He is currently also CEO of investment fund InvestNL. It was invented by former ministers Dijsselbloem and Henk Kamp after that crisis.

InvestNL has exactly the same core tasks as the new investment fund is now going to be, so unnecessary. In the interview between the Buitenhof reporter and Wouter Bos you fall from one surprise to the next.

Corruption, de-inflation, even bigger government and new jobs that never come.

This also sounds pleasant: investing in good and green things, boosting the economy, and then we get the money back with interest. Not so, Wouter Bos told about 7 months ago in the TV program Buitenhof that his big boss, Minister of Finance Wopke Hoekstra, does not have to return the loan. In fact, he assumes that the loans are provided to risky companies, which cannot repay this loan at all.

In addition, Wopke is not even allowed to ask what went wrong, explains Wouter Bos. That is the task of InvestNL's regulator itself.

Wouter bos from InvestNL in Buitenhof. 


Wouter Bos also shamelessly tells Buitenhof that billions of euros have previously disappeared from our tax authorities at another investment fund. The government has investigated this and there are dozens of commercial investment funds that have received billions in taxpayers' money to boost the green economy. Only the government can no longer find these funds. The billions have never been invested and the companies have left with the north sun.

The government, which has become increasingly fascist, now owns 29 state-owned companies.

This includes InvestNL, the Dutch Railways, the Port of Rotterdam, de Volksbank and more, says Minister of Finance Wopke Hoekstra. All these companies are his responsibility.

“I am very proud of what we have achieved here. (source)

“It is not often that the government establishes a state participation. And with an important goal: with the activities of Invest-NL we strengthen our innovative economy and we contribute to the transition to a sustainable society. ”

Minister of Finance Wopke Hoekstra about the 29 state-owned companies


The investment fund is therefore already there, but Willy, who read the big fable newspaper that the Prime Minister and comrades wrote for him, calmly tells us that another green investment fund has to be created.

The 30th state company for this Minerva member, where even more community money is poured into a bottomless pit.

Jasper S.


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