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Professor Vonkert is furious!

Triggered by Rienst's piece, my memory and my "look familiar" neurons (or whatever they call those signals) began to reactivate.

I was reminded of a piece by Professor Vonkert who was furious, and so applicable when I didn't want to keep it from you.

This article has already been written in 2015.

Professor Vonkert, Philosopher, shines his light on and reflects on social issues in this degenerate global society.

A world full of Psychopaths.

Netherlands, (or whatever passes for), Monday on Tuesday, October 27, 2015
Topic: Psychopathy seems viral.
On Monday night, which falls on the 44th week of the odd year, I now inform you as follows:
Dear fellow citizens,

I speak to you of a tremendous growing unrest and compassion about fate, not so much of our country, but also of you personally and of this world.

If you and my (great) grandparents would have experienced this, they would have declared a revolution!
They weren't quite as blind, underdeveloped, naive, narcissistic, headstrong and as weak as the average Dutch person is today.
Totally overrun with greed, cars, buying houses, clothing, consumption, vacations and all this kind of nonsense, the average human being, or shall I call it a narcissist, does not realize that a full-blown war is going on around them.
With a concentration break of a few minutes and a memory of barely half a day (and this is no joke), people don't remember anything anymore because of the enormous impulses that people get through messages via radio, TV, internet, Wapp, and other apps.
Totally hypnotized by nonsensical information, which is maintained by commerce, people prefer to be busy with a nonsensical sex, drink and drug festival in Amsterdam, to be described as a Dance Festival than to be busy with important things.
The nauseating nature of the so-called public and commercial channels, which have since been transformed by pseudo-neo-elitist psychopathic bastards with no talent whatsoever, is only aimed at consumption and pure entertainment. They think they are great, put on expensive glasses, scream like a jungle dweller, or dance like an epileptic who has not taken his pills and is being electrocuted
It is a close call every day. Nobody realizes how our society has been perverted in all kinds of ways.
Be it left, not right, or center, or overrun by devastated, backward religious madmen, of whom literally tens of thousands, a day, are delivered into small Europe.
We saw a good example of silencing this evening with the pseudo journalist Jeroen Pauw. A man who thinks he's great, if only because he cycles to work, and then penetrates many a part after the broadcast, according to his own words, and who is now the biggest asylum seeker hugger in the Western Hemisphere. The NVU was expertly silenced by the, in my opinion, fascist Gütmenschen.
Anyone who really follows news, uses his eyes and ears, and whose intuition still works a little, knows that everything you see now (mtv awards, dance festivities, etc.) is a real distraction from the most retarded idiots in our world. .
These intelligentsia were still pop groups in the 60s to 80s who stood up for the oppressed in society, or who wanted to oppose the increasing bourgeois obedience and the swan-cling-to cult that is again abundant in our country. replaced by botox-injecting whores and closeted hard-drug-using, self-appointed men, who seem to have walked straight out of a jungle in thought, word and deed.
People just wave the word culture, while there is no longer any culture to be seen, like classical music, operetta, opera, etc., which is now only reserved for the elite and the classicists. Unfortunately, most people are concerned with at most a folk culture, and that is precisely the culture that you should renounce if you want to progress in life and do not want to keep yourself stupid.
Every self-respecting person or intellectual (and I am referring to Joost Zwagerman who no longer understood the world, which in itself is very understandable), sees how we are surrounded by psychopaths.

Where it is still minimally present in the elderly (60+), this is increasingly visible and off in the generations below. this serious physical and psychiatric illness in all sorts of forms.
We can say that a large part of our population has developed into some kind of psychopath through the commercial cult.
The narcissist is the most common. It is estimated that at least 60 percent of young people suffer to a greater or lesser extent, mildly or severely from a narcissistic personality disorder, which is the result of a serious shortage of upbringing, unhealthy nutrition, sleep deprivation, a lack of discipline, very poor, underdeveloped teachers in primary schools secondary schools, poor language skills and an enormous need for consumption.
This is a successful elixir to turn a young person into a pure psychopath. Children are no longer children, but are trained by the government at a very young age to be brainwashed psychotic killers, which is anything that deviates from old rags they have read and is different, thinks differently in the LITERAL sense of the word destroys like a tank van Is (is) driving over an innocent victim.
It's utterly sad that parents of the current generation of narcissists have it
A: do not realize themselves, do not have any self-reflection, do not know and apply any introspection and are not at all critical of themselves, their environment, or their children. As long as the outside world doesn't think anything strange (dangerously bourgeois) And:
B: not being able to educate anymore, and only being busy with buying a house, (laughable :) career, holidays, clothing, and business.
The word love, education, responsibility, discipline are anyway difficult for a large part of the Dutch to interpret as well as to write, let alone show, if there is no external interest in it.

We live in a global disorganized society that has been corrupted to every corner. One form of society kills people more directly than others. One kills people horribly, but directly (isis and associates). Destroying the others slowly and spiritually, like here in the Netherlands.
Where you can still be lucky if you are a bit intelligent and you can go to sleep somewhat peacefully through a reasonable legal assistance insurance policy.
You can verify that such a (global)  shit society Is worth NOTHING.

Let's be honest. Here in the Netherlands, 1 million people do not fit in a modern society anyway. Unintegrated, unmanageable, unapproachable, unreachable, etc …… Moreover, in our country we cannot actually accommodate more than 10 million people if we want to give them a quality life according to OUR standards.

Then we have a group of reasonably intelligent people who often live in and around the biblebelt. The problem with this group is that in addition to their rational intelligence, they have a disability from a psychological and psychiatric point of view and that is belief. But they are the most down-to-earth of all groups, outside of their faith.

Fortunately, these people are often endowed with good education and a conscious attitude to life and they also recognize that the aforementioned 1 million, which can be classified as madmen and which mainly through inbreeding, produces psychologically disturbed narcissistic autists who also believe in something that does not exist, but at the same time the male variant of this is a large part generally capable of nothing, then swearing, swearing, stealing and robbing (facts and figures 40-70 percent varies annually from this group) which the often more intelligent part: the women turn on to madness of faith, oppressing them, brainwashing them into a slave of the great stranger who does not exist and his mate, called her husband.

Some of them, the rest, have been so brainwashed that they are an outright danger to any intellectual because they would prefer to see us immediately beheaded.

I suppose you've been annoyed by Tofik Dibi too. Who, against all judgment, and against all logic, still stood up for a group of madmen after expressing their homosexuality. Something that was a public secret, because I (as gay) knew it right after the 1st time I saw him. A deaf and dumb blind still smelled it.

Then we have the idiotic Arnoud van Doorn, the ex-pvver who is completely gay or bisexual, and who has turned away from our country and converted to an extremist idiot who makes contacts in all kinds of extremist religious insane states.

Arnoud van Doorn is known for selling drugs to minors, forbidden possession of weapons, and for leaking secret political documents ………. and his escapades within the gay scene by wanting to pay underage boys for sex. He has been convicted for the first, the second is declared by former PVV employees and councilor Paul ter Linden. Other than that, every homosexual who came to ensuite in Utrecht knew him. So Arnoud: good luck with denying facts !!! Meanwhile, as a true extremist and in my opinion: a traitor, the gentleman has converted to a belief that does not fit and does not belong in our free society and is a jammer for every self-respecting real intellectual or scientist.
Ladies and gentlemen. As you can see here, among other things, we are, in my opinion, ruled by true psychopaths.

  • We watch true psychopaths on TV. Programs are presented by
  • true narcissistic psychopaths
  • Working in social services: numb psychopaths.
  • Working at the UWV: sadistic psychopaths.
  • Company doctors are cold, business psychopaths.
  • Health insurance executives: are sarcastic narcissistic psychopaths who get rich over the misery of the sick.
  • The pharmaceutical industry and the sale of medicines are controlled by: psychopaths.
  • The management, board ihacq modern teachers at school show more interest in (k.) Porn, holidays, wages, cars and the material, and are true psychopaths.
  • The average salesperson is an almost illiterate, integrity-less psychopath.
And so I can continue.

  • Energy companies, housing corporations, bobbin lace students, so-called TV personalities and self-proclaimed us-know-us 'BN-ers' (half of whom you have never heard of if you are not an RTL viewer) and so on.
  • The world is LITERALLY ruled, directed and manipulated by psychopaths who stand up for each other. Allowing each other advantages and manipulating you. Day and night.
Do you really think that these greedy, narcissistic, selfish, self-centered, money-sex-drink-and-drug-allusion people care about you?
That they care about your life?
That they care about your health. that they believe in the goodness of man?
Do you really believe that the lottery is all about charity, and the board of directors feels sorry for your mother who is in intensive care?
  • To the extremist, you are a Kaffir who does not deserve to live.
  • To the politician you are a dumb blind sheep, the plebs that can be manipulated and preferably squeezed out for the benefit of their friends
  • You are a product for the big industrialists.
  • Doctors and insurers have a symbiotic relationship with each other. People want to do all kinds of things, but not give in to each other ... and in the meantime holidays of several thousand euros are paid to GPs through so-called conferences (which last half an hour and then party)
  • The mainstream / mainstream media wants nothing more than to paint things better than they are for you.
  • Your insurance seems to be run by old Nazi camp leaders.
  • Our water contains antidepressants and more drugs that affect you. Internet service providers, google, your cell phone providers, know when you masturbate, eat, shit, work, gamble, and sleep, argue, die, puke, speak, and take all the calls on!
See in your phone: (android) when accepting your apps (read it back at menu: settings: general: application management: and press your app and scroll down and see who can record, save, and your data your phone calls, use texts, photos, etc.
In short.
You the life you have been living for the past 20 years has been, is and continues to be a lie.
  • Germany is working on a 2nd final solution,
  • Isis is turning humans into fighting machines, and anyone who does anything wrong will be killed in the most horrible way.
  • Sharia rules in Britain, Germany, and parts of France. at least 50 percent of the people no longer recognize their neighborhood, street or country and the other 50 percent ..
Well what's with the other 50 percent.
Well, if you do not recognize yourself in this, you will at least belong to the other 50 percent.
Which can manifest in the following archetypes:
  • You have an average or above average income
  • You live in one of the better areas, detached, in a village or have an estate
  • You drive a car, you are slim, highly educated, you vote left, center
  • You are a businessman and you never have anything to do with the plebs outside your private jet, your detached villa, with a fence around it and you always stay in Milan
  • You are just mentally retarded and do not notice anything
  • You are gullible and still think that society functions as it did 20 years ago
  • You are of noble birth and have no internet
  • You believe blindly what the news tells you or what is posted in magazines and newspapers.
  • You only read pirate music and read the local fool for the offers at the chicken poulterer.
  • Or you simply work day and night. The rich do not say for nothing: work is for the foolish. After all, you can't get rich from hard work.
Wake up ladies and gentlemen.
They keep you scared, want you to work and if you don't listen you will be punished.
And you get bread and games, so that you can relax and afterwards have enough energy again to let your life be directed by a bunch of psychopathic patjakkers of the first order.
What does this remind you of?
Exactly. Roman times and: later the Middle Ages.

The Middle East seems to have entered prehistoric times as never before, led by a bunch of severely mentally handicapped cavemen, including beards invoking something that doesn't exist! They don't realize they are part of mass hysteria, mass hypnosis and mass psychotic scenes

We live in a global deeply disturbed society, where a lot of people are drug addicted, booze addicted, purchase addict, computer addicted, smoking addict, etc.

Perhaps people like you who have been severely manipulated and are unwilling or unable to believe this.
 You, who have become dependent on the filthy, filthy, filthy commercial crap that has you, as an individual, in its power grab.
Ladies and Gentlemen Wake up.
You are in a war in which commerce and financial tyranny, political oppression, international trade and producers, in whatever way, have a symbiotic relationship with each other that manifests itself in a seriously extreme form.
These manners are based on Nazi ideologies and are the basic necessities of life for a large part of the people who work on the basis of commerce. This means as much as the majority of workers.
I welcome you. In the modern world, which is a compote of Nazism, Commerce, Faithfulness, Consumerism, Addiction, Envy, Dependence, Death and destruction.
The only one who can change this world are you, the individual.
But you don't want to ……….
Because you or:
  • Has no moral, psychological and principled backbone,
  • Are a social anxious person; (what will they say with a dissenting opinion)
  • You are too weak and debauched to defend your rights.
  • whether the above, either not believed, or does not want to recognize or oppose and feel insulted.
I wish you the best of luck with 'your own' life, which can be better described as a directed illusion, over which you have nothing to say, literally and figuratively poisoned and manipulated by the association of global Psychopaths.
Professor, Eelco Vonkert.
Above all, keep destroying your own life!
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