Republican Governor vetoes ban on chemical castration of children

Arkansas Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson has vetoed a bill banning sex reassignment surgery for minors.

To better describe this operation: The liberal hobby is chemic castration via anaphrodisiac on children. In adults this is used to tone down the libido. (source)

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The New York Times reported in 2016 that this chemical castration was used in pedophilic sex offenders such as in Indonesia. (source)

That a Republican vetoes this is very remarkable and, although Hutchinson is moderately conservative, apparently comes from above as it still works in that old corrupt political system that the Americans have to overthrow.

It is striking, but as soon as you see a politician regularly (in front of the stage) wearing a mouth mask, you immediately know which side he is on. That's how black and white it is there (and here).

Hutchinson's appearance on Tucker Carlson's show didn't help him either and it clearly showed that the man has no idea what he's talking about.

Suicides? Ruined children's lives? Yes, but we don't look at that, do we ...?


The veto, that in the end could go back into the trash because it did not pass the legislative chambers, our Donald Trump did not escape either.

Trump is back in the picture in America and is talking about it again, but with less and less brakes, it seems. We are subtitling last week's censored interview.

Bya, bya Asa. That's the end of him. ”, Trump responded in a statement yesterday. "Sarah Huckabee Sanders will do better as governor."(source)

The fact that the chambers have blocked the veto means that the law AGAINST this kind of bizarre gender operation on children will become law later this year.

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Also read the shocking EU / WHO documents on “sexual education”. You better know what to expect than ignore it.

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