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Robert Malone Won't Get Nobel Prize!

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It should be exactly the other way around, but according to “scientists” Robert Malone has squandered his chances at the Nobel Prize.

They say the inventor of the mRNA vaccine, Dr. Robert Malone, undermining his own invention. (source)

Not a single word about the enormous amount of deaths and people who suffer (chronic) side effects from the vaccine. Not a word.

So the inventor of the mRNA vaccine, the very person one should listen to because it's his own work, is barred from winning the Nobel Prize. He doesn't seem very impressed. It just makes this whole fairy tale all the more unbelievable.


What are you going to do with a coin like that when the biggest, deadliest experiment on humanity ever is underway?




The media creates an illusion that there is some consensus among scientists that these vaccines are safe and good.

This is impossible. No scientist can substantiate this. Scientists who claim this somehow benefit from this experiment because it simply cannot be the case that a serious scientist would label this syringe as “good, necessary and safe”.

The vaccine has not been tested for long, we know that this vaccine was ready before the crisis started (source) The "vaccine" has not been approved by the FDA and has already killed more than all other vaccines combined in the past century.

And don't be scared. That was already the case in June. Let that sink in for a moment. This is genocide. And people are not warned about the side effects these vaccines have. People are not told that there is a serious risk of dying from this syringe. What abuse on a massive scale on the backs of innocent people. (source)(source)



VAERS itself has always indicated, before the crisis of course, that the numbers deviate from reality because only 10% to 20% of the vaccine victims actually report this. If we calculate that right now, we're already getting between 250.000 and 500.000 deaths from the vaccines in the United States alone. (source) (source)

Let it be half. Or a quarter. We've only just started.

It is striking that the previously most respected scientists such as Robert W. Malone and Nobel Prize winner Luc montagnier are now being vilified by those who have an interest in this genocide. Demonized because they want to warn humanity.



This will not last, but unfortunately it will cost many victims.

Quit Google!

Google contradicts everything by putting the “fact checkers” at the top.

When you use Google as a search engine, you are wronged on a large scale. This is just an example. Results on the first pages are from the so-called fact checkers with lyrics like “Famous among the anti-vaxxers”, "Why is Malone undermining his own vaccine?” en “Hero of the antivaxxers movement.”

This search engine is clearly aimed at silencing people who see through what is going on and how dangerous these so-called vaccines are.

Please take DuckDuckGo or Brave as your browser and search engine. Brave is almost a copy of Chrome, so it's easy to get used to. But stop with Google!

Here the article about Luc Montagnier, the French Nobel Prize winner:

Virologist and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier: “STOP VACCINATING YOU!”


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