RUSSIA sue MOSCOW because of track & trace APP

Russians who are told that they are infected with Covid must remain in quarantine at home and are required to install a track and trace app on their smartphone.

The virus app automatically registers every time you leave your flat and then sends a fine of 50 euros.

Vladimir Perevalov received THREE fines.
But he never left his flat.

'I do not understand', Vladimir says.

'I didn't even know those fines existed. I never secretly went out! '

Vladimir claims to have never left his apartment and he is no exception.

Many other Russian citizens also say they have to pay ghost fines and they think the app is full of 'glitches'.

Thousands have therefore signed a petition online to stop the track and trace app:

"Stop forcing the app on sick people!"

Irina Karabulatova is a bedridden professor at the University.

She is in a wheelchair because she cannot walk, but she was also fined for allegedly leaving her home during mandatory quarantine.

Her fines were reversed because journalists played her story in the spotlight.

But 200 other citizens have filed a lawsuit against the Russian authorities.
However, lawyers say it is very difficult to prove that you have done nothing 'wrong'.

Moscow has no plans to release the app.
54.000 fines have already been issued and 2,5 million euros has been raised with the app in one month.

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