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Rutte and the World Economic Forum

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Mark Rutte kisses Klaus Schwab's hand

Klaus schwab? Yes, until recently, few people had heard of this man. He is at the helm of it World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus founded it and is currently Chairman of the Board of the WEF. Increasingly world leaders say it out loud and argue that the corona crisis is a great opportunity to reset the world. This global 'reset' is better known as The great reset. We will be hearing a lot more about this in the near future because they make no effort to keep their ideas and plans secret.

Mark Rutte & Klaus Schwab have known each other for some time.

On September 23, 2019, Mark Rutte received The Global Citizen Award when he was present at The Atlantic Council. This award was presented by Professor Schwab, yes that one, from the WEF.


The broadly smiling Rutte literally shines next to Klaus Schwab, the man who wants to reset the world and makes no secret of the fact that this “crisis” offers great opportunities. You'll have to leave your dying mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa alone, lose your job, bankrupt your company, or even see your relationships end! All this because Klaus wants to reset the world? And what is Mark Rutte doing there? And why is he beaming next to this man?


If you ask yourself what Rutte is doing? Then think about these photos and take a good look at what you see there! This is not just a meeting, this is a prelude, a 'together' set out to destroy our lives, our society and our country. Make no mistake about these people, I can't think of any reason why I should trust them, and if you think otherwise, I am recommended. Until then, Mark Rutte is engaged in the destruction of our country under the direction of Klaus Schwab on the way to the Great Reset.

Now no one can say we could not have known.


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