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Saturday, August 15: The Day of Connection

Come on everyone 15 August 2020 to The Hague


13.00:17.00 pm - XNUMX:XNUMX pm

The Day of Connection: TOGETHER against the URGENT LAW

The 'amended' Emergency Act REMAINS an abomination

This law not only establishes the New Normal of the 1,5 meter society.

A small selection:

  • The minister is also given the power, for example, to close entire business sectors, buildings, design areas and schools at will.
  • Meetings, demonstrations and events are prohibited at our discretion.
  • The law has a safety net provision to impose measures that are not yet provided for.
  • Young people are displeased Buro Halt sent when they get too close to their friends.
  • People who evade quarantine measures can be imprisoned.
  • With this law Hugo de Jonge becomes the sole ruler.
  • The law is not temporary but semi-permanent.


At the end of six months, the minister can always extend the law by two months without the consent of parliament.

This emergency law puts the whole of the Netherlands in a hopeless virus dictatorship.


The demonstration on August 15 against the emergency law will be a big event.

A whole series of organizations have supported the initiative. The differences don't matter right now. There is greater importance.
We all take to the streets for freedom and against dictatorship.

Join us, just as we are connecting with the groups

We will stand up together against this injustice

Please come to The Hague

It is YOUR LIFE and that of your children that matters.

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