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The VAXXED tour is coming to Zeeland on Saturday 26 September and Hessel is not allowed to come along!

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Ramon and Madeleine are the initiators of the VAXXED tour.

They want to let parents and children with experiences with vaccination have the floor to warn people.

They come with them every Saturday vaxxed2 bus to a place somewhere in the Netherlands or Belgium.

On the bus is the telling motto Vaxxed - from cover-up to catastrophe.


During each tour they make a visual report containing one or more interviews with visitors, so that everyone can hear from each other what mischief vaccinations can cause.

The idea for one tour comes from 'Vaxxed America', which started a similar initiative there.

Vaxxed2 also joins the Australian vaxxed team and the new Australian IMOP party.

A party that stands up against pharmaceutical coercion en mandatory vaccinations, supported by powerful mothers and fathers. A party that, according to Ramon, not by lobbyists and controlled opposition is offered, but just by real moms and dads.

Andrew Wakefield sent our vaxxed2 team an supporting message.

Wakefield is the director and producer of the Banned American documentaire film about a cover-up by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of an alleged link between it MMR vaccine en autism. Wikipedia (English)

Ramon and Madeleine hope to have an interview with him soon.

In the Netherlands 1,4 miljoen children have a chronic disease and, according to Ramon, a relationship with vaccinations is certainly present.

Ramon reports that Vaxxed wants to give the parents and children a voice about the suffering of vaccination damage.

He tells:

'We are lied to but we no longer let it keep silent impose.'

Ramon calls on people:

'This is your story, your truth, and now we need your help to tell. In America, and recently also in Australia thousands parents traveled miles to share the stories of what happened to their children after a vaccination. These stories created a movement. A revolution that will change history forever. '

He already started this mission a few years ago. Ramon has also developed all kinds of side effects after vaccinations.

Of this he is barely restored.

His daughter's mother wanted after that Tegen is zin have the child vaccinated. He refused because of course he didn't want the same problems for his own child. The mother herself works in the pharmaceutical industry.

Madeleine from Belgium is the one in her country mandatory vaccination against polio for her child refused. The child's father, one veterinarian, however, continued the vaccination after which their daughter vaccination damage has incurred. She is the donor of the bus to the initiative.

The tour is funded by donations and sales of Vaxxed's translated DVDs.


Ramon has already brushed off the mass media twice. He sees how they have already taken sides for a long time and that this is not for the benefit of the population:

The MSM has long since taken their side and they do not work in the interests of the Dutch population.

When I see how de Volkskrant is fist deep in the r ## t of the RIVM and Gates and the government, I can only come to one conclusion and that is that we are in the middle of an information confusion.

Hessel van de Volkskrant keeps calling me because he wants to go on tour with the vaxxed bus for a day.

But I have told him over and over again and stressed that he should leave us alone!

He does not want to come out of interest, he wants to come along to write a piece about Vaxxed and to show us all about it framing!

We do not expect support from the MSM. We have been lied to and misled. Our children have been simply abused.

So Hessel, write what you are told, but leave that part of society that still stands up with heart and soul for the Dutch, and especially the children, alone.

If you have one last bit of respect, leave us alone !! We do not need to contact the established media.

The bus will arrive in Zeeland on September 26 and will be in Serooskerke in Walcheren, Oostkapelseweg 12 from 18 noon to 4 pm.

A week later on 3 October they go to North Brabant.

For more information or contact, go to

Spread the freedom!

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