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Serbian citizens force government to lift lockdown!

Demonstrations were held this week against the reintroduction of the lockdown in several places in Serbia.

The European countries want to lock up the people, each in their own way. Little by little. Prep now and strike when the flu season starts again. Co-responsible? The sheep that enter the Corona test streets. That's how you give them a false stick to hit.

In Catalonia, as of last Thursday, everyone MUST wear a face mask outdoors. Even when enough distance can be kept.

In the Netherlands we know what lies ahead.

The way they fool us is by testing right now. Free tests and an app. For example, one can screen in the media with new cases of people who test positive, but the context is omitted. Namely, the fact that more positively tested people compared to the current death toll actually indicates that this virus is anything but deadly and dangerous.

But in every country the media and politicians turn it around and shamelessly show that they know that half of the people cannot reason and calculate.

They use the positive tests to secure people again. 

Half of the population is aware of this and the other half cannot follow that logic and will listen to the corrupt European Governments without protest and walk back into their pens like sheep.


Corona is political. Now we see that all those manifestations worldwide with tens of thousands of people, without keeping their distance and without using masks, do not cause any new outbreaks. Countries without a lockdown have done the same, and often even better, and have no starving seniors and an economy that has fallen.

The Republicans in the US especially no longer participate in the nonsense. A few people still put on their mouth mask as a precaution, but completely of their own accord. This while the Dems always wear a mouth mask (as soon as they are in the picture) to give a terrifying image and to sow fear among the population for this “great pandemic” that they will solve by "Sensible and responsible" and to set an example.


They also wanted to reintroduce a lockdown in Serbia. A weekend lockdown, no more than 5 people together and a curfew. But that turned out to be a bad idea. That country is made up of brave citizens who understand that "They are the people!" and see very well that COVID19 is the biggest scam ever.

Freedom fighters against lockdown measures and laws

After a record number Daily COVID19 deaths have announced President Aleksandar Vucic's return to strict limits for physical gatherings and planned to re-establish a three-day curfew in the Balkans on July 10.

How many deaths did that record hold?

18 killed in 1 day !!

80 years on average Here a additional source in English

18 elderly dead!  And logical! What do people think? That this virus, if it exists at all, because those doubts are also getting bigger and bigger and it turns out that people are only giving a name to a long-standing virus? It costs victims around the world every day. As all viruses and diseases cost victims every day. The difference is that the so-called COVID19 virus scores damn bad in the lists of deaths per disease. It's a joke. AND don't forget… no country yet announces this year's FLU FIGURES.

And then those graphs with lines up. Yes, that makes sense. If you continue to count forever and start at 0, the graph is an infinitely rising line. With all other diseases but with everything. You can also count red cars. The line always increases. Pure media manipulation and an indication that many people really have no idea what is going on here.

And probably about 50 to the flu (and a lot younger) as usual in these times a day, but they don't talk about that.

The total number of “corona deaths in the country of Serbia?

370 deaths with an average age of 81! 370 !! The country has 7 million inhabitants.

That's 42 people per MILLION inhabitants.


The people are not crazy !!


President Aleksandar Vucic said on July 7 that the situation in the capital, Belgrade, was so critical that hospitals in the city are almost full at around 1,3 million. How that can be done with so little killing and “contaminating” is a mystery.

Everyone can verify that that is impossible. A story that rattles on all sides. Less than 2 months ago, people started to demolish (emergency) hospital wards and other rooms equipped for this so-called “killer virus”. (source)

In most countries, this excuse is used to cover up their own failures by cutting back on health care for years.

Serbian authorities have been stepping up anti-pandemic measures amid a COVID-19 spike since the rapid reopening weeks before the June 21 elections secured a landslide victory for Vucic and his ruling Progressive Party allies. He, of course, made a promise to end this madness soon. But when a politician says that ...

Shortly after his appointment, Vucic told a press conference on July 7 that meetings will be limited to five people from the following day, and said he will demand that a “government task force” enforce a nationwide curfew.

Under pressure from the WHO and the people behind this plandemic, he wanted to introduce a “weekend lockdown” and a curfew would be instituted as in WWII. (source)

Those “people behind the plandemia” are incidentally the same enemies for the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and other countries. The politicians have been selected for vanity and heartlessness to carry this out as useful idiots. To do something about this, we must be the first to leave the EU VERY FAST! And then there is still a lot to do.


Critics see the state's anti-pandemic efforts as a combination of dizzying incompetence and politically motivated calculus. After the virus reached Italy in February, the Serbian government hosted a press conference where a senior medical advisor dismissed the infection as `` the most ridiculous virus in human history that exists on Facebook. '' While President Vucic laughed in the background, lung specialist Branimir Nestorovic encouraged Serbian women to "go shopping in Italy" because women "practically do not die from the virus"(source)

Time for an end to 'tyranny'

For thousands of protesters, Vucic's Tuesday announcement about resetting the shutdown was the last straw, prompting them to vent their months-long frustration on the streets of Belgrade and other major cities. However, the roots of the protest go much deeper. For many young people, the protests are also a protest against the country where the ruling party exercises unprecedented control over state funds, private companies, security forces and most importantly on average Without the media, Europe would have looked very different in 2020. In this information age, everyone can gain a lot of knowledge. The media slows down this evolution of people and influences people who do not have the ability or will to think independently or to investigate themselves.

Daily protests against these measures started Tuesday and took place in various cities of the country.

When people did not yet want to respond, the height of the rebellion was reached.

Thousands of civilians came to the parliament building. This time not just to hold up some signs. The combination of the draconian measures, the corrupt state media (TV Pink, a pro-government news channel praising 'brave' police officers against the 'hooligans' and' rioters) and making citizens feel like they are the far right or hooligans was the absolute straw. (source)

We are talking about 18 deaths. What are we doing?

All those feelings came together all of a sudden.

They even managed to enter parliament for a short time to drag the political leaders out by themselves.

They tried peacefully:

However, no response was given, so it was decided to drag the heads of government out by the hands. The President was also required to resign FAST.


The most violent protests since 2000

Serbia has been in the throes of the most violent protests since 2000 about the coronavirus measures taken by the Vucic government.

The government had imposed draconian lockdown measures in the early stages of the outbreak, but then lifted all coronavirus restrictions as the country approached a parliamentary election.

The Serbs which are called “hooligans” (sounds familiar?) were determined on one thing. "We will NOT leave until these illogical, humiliating and absurd measures are withdrawn."

The President called the citizens fighting for their freedom “fascists” and “conspiracy theorists”.

But the Serbs puncture it and become, despite the media doing everything to create a different image. These people these fighters for freedom supported by most of the people. They will not stop until these absurd measures have been taken off the table.


While the civilians are the hooligans and the fascists (and of course there will be blows, that just happens in a war), the police were portrayed on state television as heroes.

Nothing is less true. The same is done in Serbia. Plainclothes police stir things up and people go crazy.

An overview of police brutality on this page:


Serbian civilians have won this battle!

Serbian authorities have canceled plans to close Belgrade on Friday, July 10 due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) following the protests in the capital. The shutdown, originally scheduled for July 10 - Monday, July 13, was organized to curb the spread of COVID-19 after a spike in the city, but the shutdown has been canceled after a third night of protests in the capital. Protests in recent days have resulted in the injury of 43 police officers and at least 17 protesters, in addition to the 23 arrests. (source)

Protests have been held in front of the parliament building for four consecutive days and the demonstrations continue despite the cancellation of the closure. 

But clashes between police and protests continue! Because other bizarre measures still apply because of this clear flut virus. The numbers don't lie, and we're dealing with everything except a pandemic here.

As a result, further unrest is expected in the short term because Serbia appears to be VERY awake. (source)


Soon with everyone in The Hague in orange? Do you remember? The times when we were connected by sport and other brilliant Dutch achievements?

In our beautiful colors red, white, blue and orange? The pride that, wherever in the world, you meet Dutch people and where in most cases they are very loved and receive a lot of respect? And how we are warmly welcomed in every country because of our civilized way of talking and acting and our brilliance and relaxed attitude? (although our brothers from Belgium think slightly differently about this, but you are just even more civilized!) 😉


And our friends in Flanders… Are you also participating? Together we are strong! Ultimately, the will of the citizen is law! However, many people do not yet realize that.

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