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Sicily orders the immediate departure of illegal immigrants

Sicily has ordered the departure of all illegal immigrants who are housed in the reception centers in the region.

Within 24 hours, the migrants must leave for other parts of Italy or elsewhere.

New arrivals of migrants have been strictly prohibited by Governor Nello Musumeci. 

The island's governor is of the opinion that "Sicily cannot be invaded while Europe is looking the other way".

The regulation is valid until September 10 and provides for penalties for non-compliance.

Governor Nello Musumeci, signed an ordinance banning entry, transit and parking on all migrants arriving on the Sicilian coast by large or small boats. 

Including the migrants who enter through NGOs must leave and be refused.

In the Musumeci


He also orders that on Monday at midnight, all migrants present in reception points and in all reception centers in Sicily, without exception, be transferred to areas outside the island.

"Europe is looking the other way"

The order was signed last night by Musumeci, who said today that all authorities of the island and the national government will be notified next Sunday.

“Sicily cannot be invaded while Europe looks the other wayMusumeci wrote on Facebook.

He argued for the necessity of this provision because, according to him, it is not possible to guarantee a stay on the island while respecting sanitary measures to prevent contamination of Covid.

The governor repeats this on Facebook.

“The Sicilian region states the national authorities available the necessary staff for the sanitary controls that enable the safe transfer of migrants ”, Musumeci adds.

The 33-page provision, signed by Musumeci, states that he is committed to protecting and guaranteeing the health and safety of the island's own people.

He argues that the irrational irresponsible wave of migrants, using unauthorized vessels, has a significant and alarming impact on the specific risk of the contamination spreading.

"With obvious damage to public order and safety and also to the protection of health.", he adds

He also refers to the lack of resources because, especially in the ports where these ships arrive, there is no longer an overview between infected and healthy people due to lack of resources.

Infected immigrants could also “flee” and infect others. He does not want to take this risk.

League leader Matteo Salvini has congratulated Musumeci for saying “like a free man”: As of tomorrow I don't want any illegal immigrants in Sicily.


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