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Sophia brings STRAWBERRIES to her mother, elderly home calls the police

What are we doing?!

It is indescribable ...

Erik and Sophia have been taking care of Sophia's mother every day for four years.
Every day they go to the nursing home, bring a bit of squabbling or something to drink.

This is no longer possible with the corona time.

Everything has to go in front of the window and through the window.

Now they suddenly had a visit from the police.

They received a letter from the old people's home from the officers.

The police are already playing nowadays postman!!

The letter says that Erik and Sophia are no longer welcome are at the retirement home because they opened the window the week before five inches too far.

Sophia's mother does not understand why Erik and Sophia no longer visit.

Sophia mixed her mother and therefore went to her to bring strawberries.

After this 'illegal' visit, the police were at Erik and Sophia's door to arrest Sophia.

It is impossible to describe what happened then.

So watch this video yourself:

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