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Spain has been protesting for 3 days and VOX calls for a national demonstration on 23 May

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The Spaniards are also getting tired of it.

Spaniards have been demonstrating in the center of Madrid for 3 days in a row.

And they are not going to stop. “We will come here every day from now on! ”

The demonstrations are directed against the dictatorship policy that Pedro Sanchez is pursuing. Slogans such as “Down with the communists” and “Freedom now” are taken to the streets every day. (source)

Parents and children. Construction workers and office workers. Students and doctors. They all participate. With face masks (most of them) but WITHOUT the ridiculous one and a half meter distance.


Sanchez had promised that the State of ALARM It would take 15 days, but that too was a lie. They postponed it again and turned it into a month again. (source)

Furthermore, socialist and europhile Pedro Sanchez Spain is pulling further into the abyss with his bizarre “4-phase plan”. They are already talking about measures that "months" and self "years" are going to last.

Many Spaniards lose everything or have already lost everything. There will be no tourism this year and that is fatal. Tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of companies also go bankrupt and it destroys human lives.

The stretching of time is the same in every EU state. One should listen to the WHO. There is a lot at stake for their (personal) and people are more than happy to nod yes to bodies such as the WHO and the EU. In the Netherlands we have the CDA's De Jonge for this and the biggest charlatan ever, Mark Rutte. The man who, if he still has a little feeling, does not close at night

The theory that we should all be filled with some vaccine and that we want a society under full control is also beginning to take shape and it seems that we are indeed going there.


Just like the wrong police in the Netherlands, the Spanish police also issue plenty of fines. Age does not matter. Children are also thrown on the receipt for € 400. One is simply on the hunt.

This while the lockdown has long been pointless. People in public transport come into contact with each other and on the day that the Spaniards were allowed to go outside for the first time, it was an anthill in Barcelona and in almost all other towns and cities. Nothing social distancing. Nothing mouth masks.

If that virus was that bad ... Well, anyone can think of 1 + 1 = 2. The Spanish population is starting to see through it.


The media is also criticized. It really is terror. You couldn't get past the corona warnings on any channel. It is (still) on screen 24/7 everywhere and the “corona cartoons” between broadcasts are laughable but also make people angry. As if they are talking to children.

And there is also no critical sound on the TV. Counting the corona deaths was, if possible, even worse than in the Netherlands. Standard an exciting music in the background that unnoticed puts you in a sad state. Because Spain is larger, the media can display higher numbers. And there lies the venom.

The ordinary citizen hears those numbers, but it is not explained in what perspective and in what proportion one should see it.




VOX is the largest opposition party to go against Sanchez and its measures. VOX says the government is trying to silence the Spanish people. To keep and suppress Spain silent and stupid. (source)

"This whole state of alarm is a political game." said Santiago Abascal, the leader of VOX.

Santiago Abascal

The party called for a nationwide protest on May 23, and massive protests will begin against the "Social communist government". 

This will happen in all major cities in Spain.

Protests still declined by police. "This criminal government is terrified of the people."

But, according to VOX, it is a fundamental right, also in the State of Alarm.

Soon an extensive report on VOX and the lockdown measures.

VOX, a party that was completely invisible a year and a half ago, is now the 3rd party in Spain and they continue to rise in the polls.

Maybe good for the PVV and FvD to take a good look at that party!


Experts: Lockdowns Lethal to public health

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