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Spanish judges reject masks and abolish atrocities

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Last Thursday, the Spanish government introduced even more humiliating, tougher means of coercion in the so-called "Fight against Corona."  (source)

Smoking bans, mandatory testing, curfews, adjusted closing times, and the most brutal measures against the elderly in the country were imposed by the government of Pedro Sánchez. It could not end. Without realizing what is going on in society, Mr Sánchez is turning out his agenda imposed by the EU and WHO in exchange for money and power.


Cruelty to the elderly in particular is something that is little discussed and also seems to be getting worse. Virtually nothing about that in the media.

The situation of a very good friend and his parents is an example that unfortunately many people will recognize.

It is therefore important to keep bringing this to the attention of people who do not (yet) recognize this situation and do not experience it themselves. The media gives little or no room for this.

Photo Edu (42) y Angelines (75) UPPERS.ES (does not concern this case study.)


A man of over 80 years from Barcelona is only allowed to visit his wife of about the same age once a week in the institution where she has been voluntarily placed before the “corona crisis”.

The woman suffers from dementia and her husband could no longer take care of her at home.

The visit takes place with security and glass between the old couple to prevent any contact. The couple also has children but only one person is allowed to visit at a time. Once a week for half an hour. 

Imagine, (and many people can because this happens behind many doors around the world) you are elderly, you have worked all your life and been with your wife all your life. Always been independent and made every decision independently (as it should be in a democracy). And what about the unbearable loneliness of these people?

But then… in the last phase of your life, you are separated as a couple and you are not empowered to decide for yourself what risk to take. At a respectable age of more than 80 years you can suddenly no longer even touch your own wife due to rules from the government that serve completely different purposes, but even that is irrelevant here. Because of the social pressure (you make other people death propaganda), an extra layer has been built in to forbid you to take your own wife home and decide for yourself what risks you take over your own life and that of your wife.

You may never see your children again because a number of people in Madrid or The Hague decide that the rules are that only one person per week can visit for half an hour.

They are crimes against humanity. How do you explain this? How can people who decide this ever look themselves in the eye again?


The situation in this case study got even worse when a staff member was tested positive a few weeks ago.

So not sick, as the media always wants to mislead you with their alarming figures, only tested positive. The institution was completely closed for visitors for almost 4 weeks.

With a kind of points system, a bizarre model, based on nothing scientific, by someone in the government who doesn't give a shit about human life and human suffering, the home had to be “clean” again.

This week, after almost a month, the man is allowed to see his wife again for half an hour a week. With glass in between. Only. Father and son visiting is impossible and it is also not possible to separate from each other. Only if you want to alternate. An impossible choice presented to this man. Especially at this respectable age.

This is the suffering that is happening as the media and politicians day in and day out frighten the population with “contamination” and sensation. However, the real consequences of this crisis are never discussed.


Ever heard a positive message about corona somewhere in the media? A positive perspective? A conversation between 2 experts with different opinions? No. That fact alone should open people's eyes to the purpose of the media.

Instead, the media and politicians will keep on loosening all the stops to give the impression that we are in the midst of a massive pandemic. This while people are only tested positive via a PCR. This does not even confirm with certainty that the tested person carries the COVID virus and is certainly not sick at all (see video at the bottom of the article).

Any (honest) doctor and expert who knows how a PCR test works will confirm this (and luckily that is finally happening more and more.)

Although figures show that COVID is a laughingstock in terms of numbers against every other cause of death (their own figures), it doesn't matter. The media makes you live in a world full of fear and they've got it done. You cannot escape it in your daily life either. In the case of Spain, everyone (except for a few refusers) is wearing a mouth cap. Then ask on the street if they know someone who has died of Corona and the answer will be NO in 99% of the cases.

Good news is made bad news. The mortality rate falls and continues to fall. And after massive positive tests, we can conclude that immunity has been built up against this extremely weak virus worldwide that dangles at the bottom of all lists as (numerically) irrelevant cause of death among other causes of death.

Do we see people falling by bushes in places where untested has been tested? No. On the contrary.

The tests are misused to get high marks to scare people again.

The lockdown must go through and people must be limited in their freedom as much as possible.

And they succeeded. From the beginning, people were frightened with death, and fearful people have more trouble thinking rationally. See the result here. The world is on fire within a few months, without a single shot being fired. With nonsense stories and irrational measures, they "survived" the summer months and now they can continue with their coercive measures now that the flu season is coming again. It couldn't be more predictable. Yet half of society falls for it and we are pulled into the abyss as long as no one gets up.

People lose everything. Their job. Their business. Their contact with the family. There is an enormous polarization with people who are skeptical about the measures on the one hand and people who are genuinely afraid on the other. Chaos has been created, our society is changing at the speed of a nonviolent Blitzkrieg and people can no longer do anything because they are on the ground, are intimidated with fines if they do not want to follow unhealthy measures, such as the bizarre duty to mask. And the fines are very effective. Many people are against it, but if you are already on the ground, then a big fine is really no longer possible. This while the fines are completely against our fundamental rights. (source)

This good news is now also reaching Spain.

In Spain there seems to be change, we dare to say very carefully. The news below gives many Spaniards courage again and people see that, for example, the mandatory use of face masks is against their fundamental rights.

When a Supreme Court rules that, another Supreme Court will have to take over that ruling.

The fines thus become illegal, illegal or whatever you want to call it. The bottom line is that you do not have to pay the fine and may even be able to reclaim it.  (source)

The Minister of Medical Care Tamara van Ark literally says that mouth masks do not serve a medical purpose, but are there to influence our behavior. To manipulate. Yes, she really says it.

And Rutte also repeated these words during the press conference last week. Somehow, many people don't even hear the literal words being spoken. So blinded with fear, probably? Or stubbornness by wanting to keep believing in this lie?


But… It seems that justice is finally happening in Spain.

Doctors get up and gather like Medicos por la Verdad and judges also intervene IMMEDIATELY after the government wants to tighten the inhuman coercive measures to the inhumane and wants to limit all freedoms.

Immediately after the announced new measures, judges from Madrid and Ciudad Real responded and canceled a number of (bizarre) measures.

Judge rejects mandatory face masks in Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real)

A total of 5 corona measures have been rejected by the Ciudad Real Court. (source) (source)

This is unique because the masking obligation applies to all of Spain.


The Supreme Court of Castilla-La Mancha (TSJCM), the court issued an order of August 22 that does not accept the mandatory use of masks in any space, including private enclosed spaces and houses, and indiscriminately age. (source)

In addition to canceling the masking requirement, the court also annulled the ban on residents of social sanitary centers leaving. (source)

The crazy smoking ban outside and on terraces was immediately rejected "regardless of the distance."

Nor has it been endorsed that residents are not allowed to leave the socio-sanitary centers, except for reasons of “force majeure”.


The request of the health delegation for the suspension of collective leisure activities (due to its generic and indeterminate nature)nor the precautionary closure of parks and gardens is not ratified.

Unfortunately for the authorities, the judge does not accept that people can enjoy something again.

“According to the TSJCM, these five measures are not legally enforced because they do not meet the minimum requirements of proportionality and violate absolutely fundamental rights without proper justification and motivation. ” (source) (source)

Likewise, she argues the ministerial order of public health to which the Ministry of Health is aiming


Shortly after, a judge in Madrid also canceled custodial measures.

The magistrate considers this warrant limits fundamental rights and that there no alarm condition has been declared to justify this.

“By annulling the government's entire decision, the judge is lifting not only the smoking ban, but also the rest of the package of measures agreed with the Department of Health and coming into effect this week for gatherings of people, the hotel industry, or nursing homes. ”, LaSexta reports with fresh reluctance.

If this ruling remains (the Ministry has 15 days to appeal) then this ruling will apply to the entire country "Warn experts"

Do you have to consider how the media does this: "Warn the experts". 

As a media you will also have to bring good news, right? No, the media wants society in a state of fear and sensation and speaks badly about "their experts". The regular clique of the radical channel LaSexta. It says so much about the corruption of all media. No channel brings this as good news. No channel lets experts speak with opinions other than the government's strict line.

So the government has 15 days to appeal and otherwise this would have to be national policy, we say very carefully. Evil cannot be trusted and continues to play pranks ...


Still, the mainstream media is not getting out of it and despite the fact that this news is considered “alarming” we see at the time of this writing. Wouldn't it be fantastic news to deliver? No, the media does not want good news about covid19. It says everything about the media.

But we do see that this motivates many Spaniards to stop wearing a mouth mask, also in other parts of the country. The media calls the response alarming. Because their experts ...

But the people are getting a huge boost. This is a Supreme Court. And that judgment will have to be adopted if it is not opposed. And the speed with which judges intervene. Within one day of the implementation, 2 judges, independently of each other, abolish measures.

People brightened up. You notice it right around you. The media keeps it small, but it has been seen, but according to many the fines will be declared unlawful and a number of them dare to take them for granted and go against it. People feel empowered by these statements and no longer need to be intimidated with illegal fines.

It is noticeable that many people are mainly afraid of the fines but do not believe in the fairytale. The media has so overplayed their hand in this country. But they remain powerful.

Pedro Sánchez can also go to court to answer for 52 serious crimes, including crimes against the people. The judge in the article, as the Spanish judges generally have, has a reputation of being fair and unaffected. Many politicians have already been swept off the scene by judges. Hope that is also true during this martial law.

You can read that article here.

VOX takes Pedro Sánchez and his coalition to court. Now Rutte still!

What certainly helped was the morning broadcast of the State Broadcaster TVE last week. 

They called doctors live in the broadcast dr. Luis de Benito who was on site at the hospital in Madrid.

It would be a routine conversation with the usual alarming images next to it and texts like “NUMBER OF INFECTIONS DOUBLED” at the bottom of the news bar. However, the contrast was hilarious!

What the media, in their own sensational world where they neatly complete the political agenda, does not realize is that the regular group of doctors who neatly talk to the media is getting smaller.

And last week they finally found the wrong one.

dr. Luis de Benito

The media is falling so hard here and, out of frustration, tries to take the seat of the doctors. Watch and enjoy, despite all the injustice that is done to us ...



And what has RTL just come up with?


No, RTL… Positive tested!

And the government is being stopped by JUDGES! Justice is done.

Stirrers! Clear right? This is supposed to be fantastic news for citizens and genuine media would bring this magnified into living rooms. No one! It says everything about the media.

Have a nice Sunday! 


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