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State terror and police brutality, part of a coup

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We no longer live in a democracy. This government has committed a coup. There is no rule of law.
Judges are corrupt, politicians are corrupt, officials are corrupt. And those officials who are not, close their eyes to the obvious crimes against the Dutch people and in large numbers are at the very least complicit.

We know exactly what to expect and what they are planning.

We must work together! Use each other's qualities.
Get together. Make sure there are big fronts. Talk to people about it. We do not need an absolute majority. We are enough. All we have to do is be there when it's necessary. You can't like each other, you can even really hate certain people in the demo world, but when we fight against the government we have 1 enemy that we fight together and it doesn't matter if you think someone is an asshole or not, as long as it is a sincere fighter. The only thing to look out for is reliability. Be alert!

Stop waking up awake people. Pumping movies to freedom fighters of the first hour is occupational therapy of the worst kind. However, trying to wake up people who still watch the news, who still watch TV and listen to the radio is also virtually impossible.

85% of the population is kept under hypnosis through the media. We won't win until we make the independent media big or throw sand in the mainstream media's engine. And we have that in our own hands. Work together and create real resistance!

August 20, 2020 Grapperhaus and Mayor Van Zanen of The Hague ordered the beatings of peaceful demonstrators at a demonstration approved by them.

Source: Richard The Hague.


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