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Sunday August 2 DEMONSTRATION Boulevard 1945

Citizen initiatives of the Corona demonstration group Twente, De Vrije Tukkers, Twente for Freedom and Love for Enschede and Freedom have joined forces.

One of the organizers Eldor van Feggelen says that it is aimed not only at the freedom-restricting corona measures but also at police violence. The participants also want to show support to farmers.

The demonstration starts at Boulevard 1945 near Villa De Bank. The Enschede councilor Erwin Versteeg of the one-man group Groep Versteeg is one of the speakers. The so-called flower girl Wendy Kroeze and former police officer Abe Dijkstra spoke.

Then the demonstrators walk a route through the city. The action group also closes this Walk for Freedom who is busy with a torchlight procession through the country.


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