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Sweden, a piece of land on earth with no corona madness in coercive measures

Common sense in Sweden.

And don't ask for directions, because everyone is lost!

At least, when we talk about the corona policy. Immigration policy in Sweden is a different story.

There are stories about Sweden that it would be just as bad. The sources show everything. And the facts speak for themselves.

The media in Sweden has also largely been in favor of strict corona measures and is nothing better than our press, with an exception. The Swedish press also wanted to impose restrictions on the country. And those are the sources used to cast a bad light on Sweden, but the facts are simple and clear. No lockdown. No difference. Only the land has not been destroyed like our government is destroying our lives.


It emphasizes once again the overestimation of this virus and the serious suspicions towards governments that they do not see it. Facts are undeniable and we know the facts. It has been convinced, and in large numbers, proven that this covid19, HAPPY, is nothing.

No mandatory face masks. No mass hysteria. Virtually no restrictions. People are expected to be accountable for themselves rather than a government, unknowledgeable, that wants to interfere with every aspect of our lives to get their agenda and interests through.

Think back to 9 months ago. And look at the matter clearly and consciously.
What are we doing, man. Lost everything. For nothing??

Source YouTube Channel Tony Heller


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