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Halmstad Sweden bans masks: 'No scientific evidence' that these COVIDs occur.

Officials in Halmstad Municipality, Sweden, recently forced a teacher to remove their mask and forbidden the use of masks and all forms of personal protective equipment in schools. The municipality said there were  no scientific evidence was for wearing masks , citing the Swedish Public Health Authority.

Here is the audio from the news story about Sweden:

What's really amazing is how far we as societies allow politicians with no qualifications in medicine to roll out draconian decrees.

These measures really aim to divide the people to avoid civil unrest because their political system is collapsing and they needed an excuse to throw all the economic restrictions out the window.

Bought a box of masks on Amazon clearly saying it won't prevent any disease. So if you get corona and even wear two masks in bed at night, and a condom in case you get AIDS while sleeping alone, you have no lawsuit to sue the mask manufacturer for a defective product.

Even a man who appears to be a chronic liar, Dr. Anthony Fauci, initially stated that masks will do nothing.

Fauci sold "inequality" and the big reset to the World Economic Forum. Does he now also have expertise in economics?

When will people wake up to realize that this whole set of regulations, from masks to lockdowns, is really about suppressing freedoms to advance the climate change agenda? It's not about health.

Even the left  Washington Post,  hating capitalism, had to admit that masks were ineffective during the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic, where nearly 3% of the population died.


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