Sylvie van der Voort: Tomorrow her lawsuit against mouth caps will start

Inspiring people

Sylvie van der Voort who is suing the government for the mouth cap obligation

In this episode of a Common Sense Conversation, Jasper speaks with Sylvie van der Voort. Mother of two children. A 14-year-old daughter and a 13-year-old son.

Tomorrow she will be in court against the government against the national obligation of the mouth caps.

The livestream starts at 10:00 and can be followed here:

How did it get to the point where Sylvie decided to sue the state?

Here speaks a mother who is concerned about her children and has found out herself that something is not right here and that the government is anything but to be trusted.

Jasper learned via Facebook that Sylvie is going to sue the Dutch State and he wanted to know more about it. He invited her for an interview and Sylvie accepted to tell her story.

Sylvie accepted and told her story.

Face masks in class

Sylvie says that she has lost faith in the government for some time, but that an energy has now arisen in her to do something against the terrible mouth cap obligation.

“My daughter already had to wear a face mask in the corridors and in the auditorium. That was still okay for me. I didn't like it but it was doable.”

After her daughter (14) came home from school and was obliged to wear a face mask in class for 4 hours, all of Silvie's hair stood up and she got the feeling that she had to start a lawsuit.

“She had to wear a face mask in a class where there was almost no oxygen. That was enough for me.” says Sylvie.

“I called the mentor and was referred to the school's Legal Department.”

But she was sent from pillar to post.

“You can't have a conversation with anyone. There is a wall over all.”, says Sylvie.

There was also nothing to do with Legal Affairs.

“At one point I was at home in the kitchen and I had a very strong feeling that I had to start a lawsuit.”

Jasper asked if that was the proverbial straw for her moment.

“Yes, but actually in a quiet moment the feeling came up in me so strongly: I am starting a lawsuit.”

“My first reaction was: Yes, I'm really not going to do that. So fear and resistance to my own feelings. Me against the government?”

Sylvie sat with this feeling for a week and also talked about it with other people. “Do I really have to do this?”

But after a week putting aside her own resistance, Sylvie let her heart speak and came to the conclusion: "Yes, I have to do this." and Sylvie got to work.

She also expresses her surprise that no one is doing anything. “Why are there only 3 men who really stand up to this? Am I really one of those three? I'm a fighter, though."

Find a lawyer. More difficult than expected

Jasper asks how the process went for Sylvie exactly because he too often wonders where all those lawyers are to tackle this:

“Do you just pick one or did it work differently?”, asks Jasper.

Sylvie says about this: “No, that was quite difficult. I searched for a lawyer for about 3 weeks. I called more than 25 law firms.”

“For most it was too long a project. They all had an excuse, indeed.”

No lawyer in her environment was willing to help her and eventually she found a lawyer in Amsterdam who was willing to help Sylvie.

Her attorney is Mr. Fellinger of Fruytier Lawyers in Business. He and his fellow attorney are tackling this big case.

A thing that costs money. Lots of money.

The lawyers say they stand behind the case and also told their experiences with the ridiculous mouth caps and that they realize that something is not right here.

Attorney Fellinger said to Sylvie: “First I also put on a mouth cap, but now I know what regulations lie behind it. That just isn't right.”


Jasper asks Sylvie: "But you're paying for all that?"

"That's right yes. And the crowdfunding. I can't afford it all alone.”

Sylvie is a crowdfunding started her trial in January. People who want to support her can donate to the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe.

It is fantastic to see that almost 28.000 euros have already been donated. Small donations, large donations. More than 1.600 people support Sylvie with her lawsuit. Special because everyone realizes that the case can also be lost.

“I get so many nice comments and people are happy that someone is standing up who does this.”

The first route costs 20.000 euros, excluding VAT. “I can now pay in full for the lawsuit that starts Thursday (tomorrow).”

The goal of the crowdfunding is to raise 38.000 euros in order to be able to pay for the Higher Appeal.

“We are not going to stop and we are going to the extreme.”

A lot of information can be found on the website of the Sylvie foundation.

The front page reads:

In January 2021 we started a crowdfunding for a lawsuit against the mouth caps! We have engaged a lawyer for this, Mr. mr. J. Fellinger van Fruytier Lawyers in Business.

Scientific studies by TU Delft and in Germany, among other things, show that face masks do not work. It thus contributes to a false sense of security. It is also said by the ministry that they are worn for influencing behavior and even for this there is no scientific evidence."

Via the link below you can find a lot of information about the dangers and disadvantages of wearing mouth caps.

So many researches and studies have now been done that no one can deny that mouth caps offer any protection, are bad for health and also change people psychologically. And yet people wear them.

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Behavioral influencing

Minister van Ark and other politicians (actually implementers) argue that face masks do not serve a medical reason but that they serve to influence behaviour. Like they are training dogs.

Sylvie says about influencing behaviour:

“It is literally said that it is used for that. There is also a document on RIVM on the website of my foundation.”

“There are 3 conclusions in that document that there are no scientific substantiations that it works to influence behaviour. But we just do it. Why? No idea."

Sylvie: “We might as well put on a red scarf or a party animal. But don't block someone's voice. Because it is symbolic. Shut someone up.”

Jasper: “Make your mouth shut. No more facial expressions. Bad to understand. No more facial expressions. All you see are those big caps above those caps.”

What is interesting to hear is that Jasper has obviously tried to investigate what exactly is being argued during the trial, which articles of law are being cited. "But people want to say very little about it because it's a surprise attack on the government, I understand." said Jasper.

Sylvie: "I'm not going to say much about it really."

Jasper: “And sensible. You don't let yourself eat the cheese off your bread."

Sylvie: “You can watch the livestream on Thursday (tomorrow)!”

The lawsuit can be followed on Thursday, June 10 at 10:00 am via the live stream on Facebook.

According to Sylvie, Virus Truth has quite a few problems with the live stream.

Jasper says about this: “I think that's the cool thing. In my view, Mrs. (Sylvie) is underestimated. The fact that there is a way. The fact that you can look ahead and that you do not give up where and others might stop is indicative of the new revolution and common sense.”

“Yes, I do feel like a fighter for a new world where we can live in love and truth where everything is transparent.”

During the conversation it is also about lightworkers, energy and how everything is connected.

Sylvie says that this stems from a deep inner strength.

“It comes from the heart to make a better earth and create a new world. And that feeling is very strong.”

The topic comes up several times during the conversation and she has also written a book about it.

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Jasper himself regularly visits the demonstrations and the great thing is that, no matter how the media wants to pretend that this is something far right, all kinds of people come together. From hippies to choir balls. From LGBT people to very conservative people. It is a sign that all these people realize that we have a common enemy and should not fight each other.

“Fortunately, I now also know a number of lawyers and doctors who wappies to be."

A badge of honor, according to Jasper.

“Absolutely, I am proud to be a wappie am. I'm a vigilant critical person and if people want to call me that, they do it more."

“Be open but be critical is my motto!”

Sylvie closes with:

“I hope everyone will share my messages as much as possible. That's the most important thing for me now. And that people support us. It's not something I do alone, although it seems that way. But I cannot do this alone.”

Fantastic Sylvie and good luck tomorrow!

Here are all the links again:

Donate directly:

Website and donate to the foundation

Tomorrow June 10, 2021 the livestream can be seen here from 10:00:

De Amersfoortse Courant about the lawsuit (the media keep their jaws tight)

The law firm that is fighting Sylvie's foundation against this criminal behavioral experiment.

The book “The key to self-love” written by Sylvia

Facebook page:

Tomorrow morning 10:00!

We wish Sylvie and the Netherlands GOOD LUCK!

See also:

Fortunately, more and more people are standing up.

During the previous episode, Jasper spoke with Richard van Beem who successfully reclaimed his fine for not wearing a face mask and will do everything in his power not to let Aboutaleb get away with violating our fundamental rights.

Public Prosecutor dismisses mouth mask fine after defense


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