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Syria is going to build a new HAGIA SOFIA cathedral in Syria with the help of Russia

Nabel Al-Abdallah, a member of a pro-government militia, received the approval from bishop Nicola Baalbaki, the patriarch from Hama.

So Nabel Al-Abdallah may have one new Christian Orthodox building a church in the city of Suqaylabiyah in the Syrian province of Hama.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a 'last month'political moveto slightly increase its popularity among the Turks.
The bad economy and corruption charges did not do Recep's image any good.

He decided to transform the historic building of the Hagia Sofia Cathedral into a mosque.

Until July 24, the historic building was a museum and was, among other things, full of images of Mother Mary, Child Jesus and prophet Mohammed.

Ayasofya means'Holy Sign of Wisdom '

His plan could count on immediately fierce criticism from the Orthodox Christian countries of Greece and Russia, among others.

From 537 to 1453, the Hagia Sofia was the largest cathedral in the world and from 1453 to 1934 it was an Islamic house of prayer. In the period 1934-2020 it was a museum by a decision of Atatürk, but under Erdogan it thus became a mosque in 2020.

The Turkish State Council last month put one streep by Atatürk's decision.

They called Atatürk's step ILLEGAL and therefore his decision had yet to be overturned.

The Greek Minister of Culture spoke of an open provocation for the civilized world.

Hagia Sofia has recently reopened as a mosque and covers all images of Christ.

Syria is now going one reply of the Hagia Sofia with the help of Putin and on the initiative of Nabil Al-Abdallah.

The more than 17.000 inhabitants of Suqaylabiyah are predominantly Christian Orthodox.

'It's my idea, it's my country. I will build it with my OWN MONEY. The patriarch agrees, 'Nabil Al-Abdallah announced his building plans on Twitter.

The Russian Member of Parliament Vitaly Milonov in turn stated that, unlike Turkey, Syria is a country that clearly has the potential for a peaceful and positive one interfaith dialogue shows'.

He added that Russian Orthodox Christians will come help out with the construction of the new Haga Sophia cathedral in Syria.آيا-صوفيا-السورية-الأهداف-والطموحات

ERDOGAN turns Cathedral into a Mosque

First Friday prayer in Hagia Sofia mosque:

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