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TALIBAN pop up in Hagia Sofia mosque in Istanbul

Like it rename from the Hagia Sofia cathedral to a mosque yet CONTROVERSIAL enough there was another riot after Afghans this week a Taliban flag unfolded in the iconic building.

ERDOGAN turns Cathedral into a Mosque

De provocative images of Taliban supporters in Hagia Sofia surfaced on the Internet.

De government of Afghanistan now asks for an explanation from Recep Erdoğan how it could have gotten so far that the flag appears in Turkey in the already illustrious mosque which was a Christian Orthodox museum last month.

The Taliban had been in for a while in Afghanistan Kabul the power and most of the land they had taken by force.

Taliban (Pashto: د افغانستان د طالبان اسلامی تحریکِ, Da Afghānistān da Talibān Islāmi Tahrik) is the designation of a islamic movement Afghanistan en Pakistan. They still carry one there guerrilla war. In both countries, the Taliban control large population areas.

They have one in Afghanistan emirate proclaimed. These Taliban have bases in the border area with Pakistan, where the training centers are located in the form of strict Koran schools, the madrassa's.

The word Taliban (The Taliban) is in it Pashto the plural of talib, Which student (from theology) means.

Since May 2016 Mollah Haibatullah at the head of the organization. He followed Mollah Mansur who was killed in an attack by an American drone in Pakistan.

The original leader, Mollah Omar, Is Presumably died in 2013.

The winged words of Taliban spokesman Baradar:

"We will fight the USA.

We have been fighting for 18 years and we still will hundred continue our Jihad for years. America will pay a price !!!

Trump claimed to have personally canceled previous peace talks with Afghan guerilla fighters, but the Taliban state that Donald Trump is hunting:

The Taliban wanted to self they do not cooperate, they say, and refused to participate in the peace talks because they were one ceasefire did not wholeheartedly endorse as a condition for peace talks.

Anyway. The peace talks nevertheless took place under revised conditions:

In exchange for one card ceasefire because of it Sugar festival 2020 were there 2000 Taliban fighters released a few months ago thanks to Trump.

Trump wants to end fumbling in Afghanistan


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