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Trouble for Joe and the rest of the world

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Taliban claims victory

Joe Biden has caused America's prestige in the world to plummet, and he has also created a dangerous situation for America and the Western world.

Not only has he left behind hundreds to thousands of Americans in Afghanistan, he has also armed the Taliban to the teeth. The Taliban and ISIS now have a larger air force than most countries in the UN. (source)

The Taliban now claims complete control of Afghanistan and will only cooperate to let the Americans go if the US recognizes the Taliban.


In addition, Joe Biden does not seem to have much sympathy for the victims and the relatives.

Cheyenne McCollum, sister of one of the fallen soldiers Rylee McCollum, had a meeting with President Biden & First Lady Jill Biden. The First Lady didn't dare look at her.

“It was completely scripted and it was just about his own son who once died. no interest at all” said Cheyenne about Biden's words. She only felt worse after the meeting. (source)

During the solemn ceremony, a ceremony resembling an Antifa rally with all those ridiculous mouth diapers at the Dover Air Force Base in Delaware for the 13 American troops who  were killed in the terrorist attack in the  near the Kabul airport, Biden was also constantly checking his watch. Many fell for this. It was just scary to watch.

13 American Heroes Who Deserve Better

During his speeches, Biden tries to convince the people that the operation was a great success.

That while we are back in 2001, only now with a Taliban armed to the teeth with US military vehicles, weapons and ammunition. 13 Americans are unnecessarily dead.

Under Trump, not a single American has died in Afghanistan.

That almost couldn't happen. Donald Trump held the terrorists tight: One such mistake and “we bomb the shit out of them” and he added:  “Yes, also the pipelines”

But Biden has basically surrendered, and there's probably a lot more to come as why this happened in this bizarre way.

And the top of the army? How on earth could they have let this happen? It seems as if the woke craze has permeated the US military as well. All respect has been lost for America's once great and powerful army that guarded world peace. Now that is a bit too utopian described, but the difference between then and now is clear.

The game cost these 13 people their lives.

And this is the “honor” that these soldiers get. Hunted to death by power-hungry people who don't care about human life and virtually ignored by the media and left out of search engines like Google.

The 13 troops killed. Photo via Google almost impossible to find. Get away from Google!

US citizens in Afghanistan

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), whose office has worked on the evacuation of two elderly U.S. citizens from Afghanistan, said it is likely that about 500 Americans are stranded in the country, a figure that contradicts estimates by officials from the United States. the White House .

“Unless we go ahead and get the rest of our US citizens, and all those who otherwise qualify, we haven't done our job”, Issa told The Associated Press (AP), confirming the number.

When the relatives of US citizens are included, Issa said that the number of people stranded in Afghanistan sometimes 1.000 could be.

Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.) told the news agency that the Biden government must provide the full number of stragglers in the South Asian nation.

Government lowers the numbers

'The problem is that there are no families with them', he said. “They lower the numbers.”

Exactly as you would expect from this corrupt gang.

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain told CNN on Sept. 5 that he believes there are about 100 Americans left in Afghanistan, while President Joe Biden said last week there are about 100 to 200 American citizens left. goods. The last US military evacuation flight was conducted from Kabul airport a week ago, officially ending 20 years of US involvement in the country.

“We think it's about a hundred. We are in regular contact with those we have identified,” Klain, a top Biden representative, told CNN. The mainstream media swallows it like sweet cake. Yes indeed, they still defend this “President” and his Administration.

Some US citizens and Afghan nationals "come" from Afghanistan traveling "overland," he said.

Aside from Issa, some veteran-led rescue groups told the AP that the estimate of no more than 200 Americans left behind is too low.

Mike Jason, who leads a rescue operation known as Allied Airlift 21, told the news channel he believes the figure is much higher, and says it's also misleading because it doesn't include family members of Americans trapped there. Alex Plitsas, an Iraq war veteran who is part of a rescue network known as Digital Dunkirk, said he received calls in one day earlier this week from six Americans detained in the country and that none had registered with the US embassy.

“The White House number could be hundreds off,” Plitsas, a former intelligence officer in Afghanistan, told the AP.

"Those names are starting to trickle out now," he said. “I expect that number to rise significantly.”

Before the Afghan government and military collapsed completely and the Taliban took over the country, White House officials estimated that there were between 10.000 and 15.000 Americans in the country. Biden said last week that more than 120.000 people, including Afghans and Americans, had been evacuated from Kabul airport.

Taliban Offered America Kabul

What makes it even more wry and incomprehensible is that the Taliban has previously offered Kabul to the Americans (source)

America says no and instead we have seen this unlikely phenomenon in which US military personnel leave like thieves in the night, leaving compatriots and allies behind and arming the Taliban like an average UN country.

$83 billion worth of vehicles, weapons and ammunition. 

This could never have happened just like that, you would say. These are not errors. You don't make these mistakes No reason. After 20 years of Afghanistan? Close like this?

There are many stories out there to impeach Biden. It also looks like it will be replaced. But then?

Then the woke girl Harris, who has almost disappeared without a trace, sits on that chair. Because the media has little good to say about this situation and about Harris, they are once again drawing the race and gender map. "She's the first black female President, and that's the most important thing."

Things go wrong with these people at the helm and the whole world suffers from this.

And the media? To puke. Just watch the first minute of this video:

The hypocrisy.

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Thanks Joe!

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