America: Republicans stop corona madness. Biden opens up borders wide

Republican States end the corona madness

Despite Joe Biden sitting in the White House as President of America through stolen elections, a movement has emerged among the people like never before. Soon a nice documentary about this that the media will not show you. This will also spread to Europe.

Despite Joe Biden's arguments, almost all Republican States are open again.

Texas, Mississippi, Missouri and almost all other Republican states are opening up completely again and almost all are ignoring all corona measures.

Many states have never even had a masking obligation.

Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota and Tennessee have never had a mouth mask mandate. And you guessed it. In these states, no more people die from the so-called “covid virus”. (formerly the flu). The figures are even slightly lower. This could be explained by the unhealthy masks and other measures that go against the nature of every human being. Pretty logical (in a normal world).

The green States are now 100% mouth masks free.


This to the anger of Joe Biden and the White House.

The left claims to be concerned that the China virus will flare up again. A strange proposition because that never happened in these free states.

"They claim to be concerned about a resurgence of the China virus." said Chris Salcedo of Newsmax.

"But that claim is being undermined by turning a blind eye to illegal aliens being released into America, courtesy of Joe Biden carrying the China virus."

Sleepy Joe called quitting wearing masks “Neanderthal thinking”.



The border crisis. The tip of the lawless iceberg

However the Democrats are “worried about the virus spreading again,” the borders are wide open.

Biden has opened the borders between Mexico and Texas wide open and that creates a huge crisis at the border and the country is filling with illegal immigrants.

“The border crisis. The tip of the iceberg of Biden's lawless iceberg. ”, said Salcedo.

"Estimates show that over 100.000 illegal aliens are taxing our resources at border right now as we speak here.", says Salcedo.


Immigrant border from Texas

"Wave after wave of people, spurred by Joe Biden and his political party causing a humanitarian crisis, less than 7 weeks in the White House."

This has detrimental consequences for both Americans and the immigrants themselves.

Salcedo states that the person who made these decisions to allow so many illegal immigrants in, did this consciously and on purpose, says Chris Salcedo.

"A replica of the Obama policy that led to the first massive border crisis."

All the media in the US, whose ratings continue to decline, are calling this absurd and self-created crisis "a challenge."

Texas Republican Governor Gregory Wayne Abbott speaks out on the crisis at his state's borders.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

"This crisis as a result of Joe Biden's open borders policy invites illegal immigration is currently causing a humanitarian crisis in Texas."

The governor and other leaders from Texas previously announced that it is not out of the question that Texas will continue as an independent state. A so-called Texit.

"This crisis will get worse by the day.", Abbott said.

"Of course!", says Chris Salcedo. “This is a socialist policy. Democrats, Republicans and Conservatives have been ringing the bell for weeks! ”

Watch the Newsmax clip here. We have of course subtitled it for you.




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