The Netherlands now finally has a social credit score system

The Netherlands now finally has a social credit score system

For years, people in The Hague looked with envy at China, where a system is used whereby the government can reward good citizens and punish the bad.

It took a while, but luckily we also have such a system in our country as of this month and that makes many people happy.

They did manage to get on the basis from a non-existent virus to get the population so mad that they agree to corona tickets.

In the usual sneaky way, the medical apartheid state has started in our country. This next step towards total enslavement of the population is of course brought as "good news".

“How nice, we can do things again”, shouts a happy populace in unison. They don't realize they are trapped more than ever.

It's amazing how effectively and quickly population conditioning has worked in just under a year and a half. People are happy when a dictatorial government grants them some freedoms.

Two years ago people would have laughed if someone had told them that a year later people were dancing around each other to keep their distance from each other, that they would wear a slave mask and that shaking hands was something was out of the history books.

People really would have pointed their finger at their foreheads if anyone had dared to suggest that.

And now? Now they do exactly that as if it's the most natural thing in the world and think it's quite normal that they have to get tested before they can go in anywhere.

quietly is the temporary permanent law corona tickets adopted by both the Senate and the House of Representatives and has therefore come into effect from this month. As usual, the temporary permanent corona law has been extended by three months, but that is something that the majority of the population ignores.

After the government has skilfully clamped down on countless companies, they are now getting a carrot that will allow them to generate more turnover so that they can more quickly make up the immense arrears in paying taxes.

They don't have to do it, say the sneakers in The Hague, but we would like to offer those options.

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And so they put the following on their website:

The cabinet has decided to make corona tickets possible in step 3. Catering, cultural institutions and organizers of professional sports competitions can choose to use compulsory entrance tickets. This allows them to safely open their doors to more people. For example, theaters or restaurants that do not use tickets are allowed to receive a maximum of 50 people. If they do use admission tickets, they can receive as many guests as can fit in their room or business while everyone is 1,5 meters away from each other. Events with a fixed seat and at 1,5 meters, both indoors and outdoors, are also possible again. Subject to local regulations, of course, such as a permit.

The above is the first sneaky step to the social credit system as the Chinese use it. It creates a society in which the government creates terms and conditions, whereby citizens are given more or less privileges.

Someone who gets tested, even though he/she is not sick and has no complaints, is a good citizen and can enter places where those who do not want to be tested are not allowed. Those are the bad citizens, because they dare to doubt the good intentions of the government and are therefore punished.

What will also give a lot of extra privileges is a vaccination. Citizens who are stupid enough to be injected with a medical experimental substance that no one the long term effects, knows its good citizens. They will have access to places where those who dare to doubt the safety of this medical experiment will not have access. They are the bad citizens who dare to question the good intentions of the government and the safety of the vaccine and they will therefore be punished.

This new social credit system is still in its infancy, but will be expanded soon. Good citizens will soon receive a discount on all kinds of things, they can travel again, they can go back to work and have all kinds of other benefits that bad citizens do not have.

Bad citizens are not helplessly lost, it is never too late for them to realize how wrong they have been. They can still be vaccinated and thus also receive the status of good citizens. It is not necessary of course, but then you will unfortunately remain a bad citizen with all the associated limitations.

Or will people finally come to their senses and not accept this social credit system?

An example of that see you in Bergen op Zoom where parents refuse to participate in the self-tests for their children.

Here's how:


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