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The extreme left supports Joe Biden, now also communists

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The Revolutionary Communist Party supports Biden, their leader has announced. They hope Democratic Candidate Joe Biden wins the election. And drop the 'fascist regime'. With this there is another extreme left movement that supports Biden.

Bob Avakian expressed support in an email to RCP supporters, writing:

"Biden is not 'better' than Trump in any meaningful way - except that he is not Trump and not part of the movement to install a fascist regime, with dire consequences." - The Washington Times

Avakian further wrote: “To approach this election from the point of view of which candidate is 'better'. Means not understanding the really profound interests and the possible consequences of what is involved. The fact is, there can only be one 'good' that can come from this election. Deliver decisive defeat to Trump and the entire fascist regime. “

This support is not the first from the far left. Earlier this summer, a Marxist activist Angela Davis had a Russian state propaganda service said that "Democratic candidate Joe Biden is easier to succumb to the radicals' demands than President Trump."

The extreme left supports Biden.

“I do not see this election as a choice for a candidate who can lead us in the right direction”, Davis told RT. "It's about choosing a candidate who can most effectively be pressured to give more space to the developing anti-racist movement."

“Biden is very problematic in many ways. He is not alone in terms of his past and the role he played in the pursuit of mass incarceration. But he has indicated that he is against the closure of the police. And this is absolutely what we need, ” Davis went on. “We need to reimagine the idea of ​​public safety, but, Biden will take the mass demands much more seriously. Much more likely than the current White House occupier. ”

She concluded as follows: “This November, the election will not be about the best candidate, but to vote for or against ourselves. I think it means campaigning and voting for Biden. ”

The Marxists are gathering around Biden, but Bernie Sanders supporters, the 'Bernie Bros' are running away from the Democratic Party en masse.

15% of the Sanders voters would vote for Trump if Joe Biden is the candidate. It emerged from a poll of ABC News / Washington Post.

According to insiders, this percentage could increase even further, which would mean a disaster for Joe Biden.

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