Extreme left threatens to kill AfD parliamentarian

We have 2 huge problems in our society. These are immigration and the left. 

And not just the extreme left. But also the politicians and the media. If you have a different opinion than the gutmenschen on the left, you are in great danger. You often need protection. But not so much protection against migrants but protection against your own countrymen because of your (healthy) opinion.

At the bottom left we can now also count the parties that used to be middle or right.

So two enemies. Where one is inferior to the other with the one difference that one of your enemies is your own countrymen for whom you basically stand up.

After the many violent riots and the beating of an innocent woman in her own house Antifa recent weeks (source) en (source), now a democratically elected member of parliament of the AfD threatened with death.

Literally it says they want to kill her. It's about Christina Baum of the Alternatives for Germany. By the way, this woman has never made a racist comment or even expressed anything that smells of racism.

Christina Baum










The extreme left activists placed a wooden cross in front of her office with the text:

Nazi whore Baum. After you no more cock crows. Died on December 31, 2019. ”

The police Heilbronn has confirmed the incident. It was placed just outside of her dental practice. (source)

"In addition to death threats, the cross was also full of insults towards the parliamentarian." said the police spokesman.

"The Internal Intelligence Services took over from here." (source)

This is not the first time that Baum has suffered from the extreme left. Last October her campaign office in Tauberbischofsheim was attacked by aggressive left-wing gear and suffered considerable (financial) damage.

In response to these incidents, AfD leader Jörg Meuthen says:

“The hate speech by our government and established parties and these are its consequences. This threat is just the tip of the iceberg. Attacks on AfD officials are becoming more common. Now it is even going so far that it can cost lives. ”

"I urge again that these parties and the media STOP their hatred and hatred against the AfD." (source)

It is a scandalous situation in which, as an elected representative, you are no longer sure about your life because of a climate created by fellow politicians and the media.

Is this our democracy in Western Europe? Your own country and government have become your greatest enemy in these bizarre times.

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