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Police drive into innocent civilians Malieveld The Hague



There is much to be said about June 21, 2020. The demonstration of freedom.
The media will show you pictures of the clashes between the police and football supporters and / or other angry people.

However, the reality is shocking!

A device that measures with 2 bars. And so flashy that it's scary.
Yesterday we witnessed the completely out of control BLM protesters with their hatred of whites and a week earlier our history was symbolically erased because these hopeless people had an iconoclasm.

Back then there was not so much passion and commitment from the Police. 

But the ordinary citizens… Who have been severely affected by this “crisis”… Families with children and older people… Everything has been lost, psychologically and economically demolished in recent months. Squeezed out and locked up. They become forbidden by force. 

It is painful to see our beautiful Netherlands go down to a country that no longer has any pride and confidence with a police who stand up for undemocratic politics instead of protecting the citizens.

They have turned their backs on us and appear to be capable of anything.

You police officers, who are in the service of the citizens, have to look very closely at yourselves in the mirror. You will be on the wrong side of history and your children and grandchildren will have to be ashamed of you.

And don't hide. Later, images of you and: "Hey, he was also with the traitors of the Netherlands!"

If there are still good people in the police force, now is the time to step in and go public.

These people show that they cannot deal with power and have no respect for real Dutch citizens. Shame on you. Participating in this also indicates that you are either a bad person or a weak personality who does not dare to go against it as a police officer.

We were once accused of making the comparison with the World War II Stasi. The only reproach could be that we are short of the latter.

Police Netherlands. Shame on you!

Mark Rutte and Ferdinand Grapperhaus. You have lost all contact with reality and are perilous to the identity and society of the Netherlands.

Over all the shame, you lead us to a dependent province of the EU. Over the back of the invisible enemy, who indeed sees no one.

Let your oldies languish. And today a police bus drives into civilians. Attempted homicide. Right in the picture!

A water cannon on an old woman who walked her dog. These people did nothing at all.

For seven hours a bus with families hostage, punish and humiliate. They did NOTHING.

Stop a boy on the street. He did nothing. he was wearing a T-Shirt against the lockdown. Arrested.

After 7 hours of putting people in a bus, then again with and again without air conditioning, as a kind of torture, it is heard that the meter and a half were violated! The whole bus a thick print, fixed for a day. Children from 13 years old.

This is what Hugo de Jonge and Mark Rutte want to establish in law. This was the foretaste.

This is going to be the new reality. "The New Normal" by Mark Rutte and his coalition.

And the media? The block of lies between citizens and politicians? They remember the images.

This is mainstream media. The world created:


If we did not have mainstream media, an outdated phenomenon in this information age, in the Netherlands, the Netherlands would be wide awake. Then one has to search for the news and see the truth. Then we would have been years ahead with our civilization. An intelligent civilization of common sense.

Look and shiver. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. The rest will come ..

Police bus consciously drives into civilians

And this is what says everything about how things are in the Netherlands:


A former police officer no longer knows what to say about this bizarre situation on the Malieveld in The Hague:

“I am DEEPLY ashamed of these police! Unbelievable! ”

This video shows how the police, for no reason, apprehend a citizen. We are posting the entire video so you can see that we are living in a very sick country right now. With very bad people “in blue”.

Citizen is arrested for no reason:


Citizens on the Malieveld are searched one by one without any reason:


Here are some more videos that citizens distribute via social media:

The media creates a world but this is the real world!

We do not glorify violence. It is the very last resort.

But when you drive an entire country to despair, you can wait for something to happen. There comes a point that hooligans deserve more respect than the police and the government. The government has made it this far.

And then they can't take their hands off it and say, "We're not guilty of this." Politicians and police have created this climate. Mark Rutte is the main responsible.

The media is going to show you this!


But this!



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