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Trump's campaign hero taken to asylum

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Trump's ex-campaign manager and current digital operations advisor Brad Parscale was taken to the insane asylum after locking himself in his house and where he threatened to shoot himself in the head.

His wife called the police, who, after a brief altercation, managed to convince him of suicide.

Brad Parscale had holed up in his Florida home with multiple firearms and screamed that he wanted to hurt himself.

Parscale was the big man behind the scenes on the 2016 Trump campaign.

Initially, he would again manage everything this year, were it not for the fact that corona and the flopped Tulsa rally cost him his head. The tickets for the rally turned out to be largely sold to Trump haters, so hardly anyone showed up. Brad Parscale was charged for this. He had to leave as a campaign manager and joined the data department.

After the initial 911 call, the police first spoke to his wife who was not in the house in the Seven Isle District.

Officers quickly persuaded him to abandon his suicide plans, after which Parscale came out.

After this he was taken to the Broward Health Medical Center under Baker's law. Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Karen Dietrich said.

The 'Baker Act'means that the police can involuntarily have someone admitted to a psychiatric institution if they pose a danger to themselves or the environment.

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