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Trump almost stroke after Boris Johnson deal with Huawei

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Donald Trump nearly suffered a stroke after learning that Boris Johnson's approved the Huawei deal on 5G.

Johnson thinks it is a good idea that China will tinker with the British mobile networks.

When Trump heard about this deal, he got angry and grabbed his phone.

An employee and witness of the telephone conversation told the Financial Times that Donald Trump apoplectic raging by telephone to Boris Johson.

Trump has for a while urged Boris Johnson not to make a deal with China on 5G. Trump's lobby, however, was unsuccessful, and Trump does not like that.

Johnson simply ignored Trump's urgent advice, and that can cost him dearly by implementing something without being well informed in advance.

A second witness confirmed the angry phone call to FT and spoke of one 'very difficult' telephone conversation.

British political staff said they were stunned by the language Trump used against Boris Johnson.

Downing Street did not deny that the telephone call actually took place: "Sometimes it just gets overheated!"

US Vice President Mike Pence confirmed that Trump's administration has not hidden their disappointment.

"The two discussed critical bilateral and regional issues, including telecommunications and security." according to the White House.


"It seems that Trump also feels personally addressed by Johnson's decision." says Thomas Wright of Brookers Institution and UK-US specialist.

“It goes to me that Trump is very committed to 5G and he is now upset that Johnson chose China. This will certainly not just blow over and sanctions will follow. ”

"The free trade agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom will suffer from this, but Five Eyes is now also in jeopardy." says Thomas Wright.

Five Eyes is an Anglophonetic alliance of 1941 that was concluded on the joint management of mobile networks between the countries of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States and is part of the multilateral UKUSA agreement on mobile networks.


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