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Trump demands drug test of 'Sleepy Joe'

US President Donald Trump wants his rival Joe Biden to undergo a drug test before the presidential election. Trump will then also undergo a test himself. He thinks that the Biden's discrepancies in debates raise many question marks.

Op 3 november In the United States, the presidential elections take place between current President Donald Trump and Joe Biden of the Democrats.

Tuesday evening the two go in for the first time debate. Trump wants that 'Sleepy "Joe"'as he calls Joe Biden, of na that debate is undergoing a drug test.

Trump questions the way Biden appears in debates or speeches. During some speeches or debates, Biden can hardly get his words out and makes a confused impression, while at other times he suddenly looks sharp. BizarreTrump thinks.

'His performances are very uneven, to say the least' said Trump.

He wonders whether drugs cause these differences in Biden.

Trump himself also emphasized that he wanted to undergo a drug test if Biden had one administered.

However, the chance of this seems very small, Biden refused earlier even though a drug test at Trump's insistence.

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