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Trump promises to sue Nevada for mail-in ballots

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President Trump has promised the state Nevada to sue, after they have accepted a law to send ballots to everyone by post. 

Trump has launched the offensive against mail-in bills earlier during the pandemic. This voting method has proven in various experiments to be an easy way to commit fraud.


President Trump commented on the Nevada law on Twitter:

It is an illegal coup, according to the US President, concerned about the legitimacy of the elections. Mail-in votes are seen by Trump as very fraudulent.

“We will sue Nevada. We are already working on that, we will probably file the complaint tomorrow. ” - President Trump during the briefing.

Nevada Governor Democrat Steve Sisolak signed the law. That action made Nevada the seventh state to transition to mail-in ballot papers. All voters are sent one at home, although the experiment shows that the process often fails. Trump promises to sue Nevada for the law.

In addition to Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington have had their elections by mail for years. While California and Vermont are only doing it this year due to COVID-19.

Trump has already promised to sign a decree about it, but what that content is not yet clear.

"We haven't reached that point yet" - President Trump

The reason? COVID!

States cite the pandemic when they explain why they want to go for mail-in. But the White House has always dismissed these arguments. After all, you can also enter a voting booth with a mask, and that would protect you according to Fauci and others.

"I don't think the post office is prepared for such a thing." - President Trump, in reference to a predicted increase in mail-in voting.

Democrats and voting rights organizations have warned that cost-cutting measures introduced in the postal service by a Trump supporter, now a postmaster-general, could lead to delays in service as voting by mail increases.

Nevada emailed voters ahead of the June primaries and encouraged residents not to vote personally. Most state polling stations were closed, leading to a seven-hour wait in Las Vegas.


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