Trump: stay away from left-wing extremists

US President Donald Trump told Fox News presenter Laura Ingraham in an interview that he does not want his supporters to confront or come close to the far-left extremists. For months, major American cities have been ravaged by left-wing extremists under the flags of Antifa en Black Lives Matter. They use violence to make their point. Earlier this year, President Trump put Antifa on the domestic terror list.
"Do you want your supporters to confront the left-wing protesters, or should law enforcement do so?" - Laura Ingraham. "No no no! I want to leave that to the enforcers! ” - President Trump.
Trump was asked if his supporters should confront the protesters. He replied, "No I don't want that." LOOK HERE:

Oregon takes 'action'

Oregon Democratic Governor Kate Brown has finally decided to take action to stop the violence that has plagued Portland for three months. Brown says her "plan" is to "defend free speech and end violence in Portland" after a right-wing protester was shot dead this weekend following a political protest. According to sources Justice is investigating an Antifa and BLM supporter in connection with this murder.
"Brown has said she is going to ask sheriffs' invaders from Clackamas and Washington County, as well as police officers from Gresham, to support the Portland police in keeping the peace," according to KATU News. "The governor is convening a community forum on racial justice and police reform, including Black protest organizers and community leaders, as well as Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler."
But due to Oregon Democrats' shabby support of law enforcement officials. Sheriffs have told Brown they will not cooperate with her plan. Clackamas Sheriff Craig Roberts attacked the Governor for claiming his department would cooperate. Saying that "it is about policy changes and not about adding resources."

Sheriffs' resistance

Washington County Sheriff Pat Garrett has also pointed out that he is not sending people to assist. He is writing:
"The lack of political support for public security, the uncertain legal landscape, the current volatility combined with intensive controls on the use of force pose an unacceptable risk if delegates are deployed directly."
The Oregon Association Chiefs of Police has also criticized the Portland Democrats' recent decisions. They argue that the plan of “Refraining from law enforcement or the need for police is not working”.
“Over the weekend, members of our associations were approached to assist the police force in the city of Portland,” the association said. “Unfortunately, due to the lack of support for public security operations, the associated liability to agencies that would assist in Portland, and the lack of accountability for those arrested for committing criminal acts, we cannot devote our limited resources to the communities we serve . ” 
The United States presidential election is on November 3. CommonSenseTV zto keep you informed of developments. We will also try to broadcast the presidential debates on our YouTube channel, if they are held.

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