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Trump wants to end fumbling in Afghanistan

The Americans' warfare in Afghanistan is America's longest ever.

An American Marine and three star General Douglas Edward Lute told the Washington Post all kinds of military secrets about the stupid war in Afghanistan.

They gave the newspaper all kinds of documents, the Afghanistan Papers, with information about false and rosy statistics of so-called successes that would have been achieved against the Taliban.

The fake figures were deliberately brought out for many years to cover up the fumbling of American troops.

'We don't really know what we are doing', says the General in the Afghanistan Papers. 'We haven't the foggiest idea'.

We tried for eighteen years, but nobody can beat the Afghan warlords.

America started the war after 9/11 under the false pretext: implementing democracy in Afghanistan.

Other interests also seem to have taken into account:

Since the beginning of the war, poppy cultivation for heroin production has tripled in Afghanistan.

The CIA itself trades in opium and since the beginning of the war the number of heroin addicts in the USA has risen to 4.5 million. (source)

2 trillion dollars was pumped around in the war industry.

Banks will earn $ 600 billion in interest over the coming four years on the loans provided to fund the war in Afghanistan.

The Taliban that were forced out of the country in 2001 by NATO and the CIA are back in power in almost all of Afghanistan.

Trump is now taking steps towards the end of the Afghanistan war that has become a total flop.

18 years have passed since the US invaded Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban regime.

The start was successful, but since then the Taliban has been running one successful guerrilla war against the most high-tech army in the world.

Just like the British in the 19th century and the Soviet Union in the 80s, the US was trapped in an asymetric war from 2001 on against an enemy that cannot be captured.

"We don't understand this country.", says General Douglas Lute.

Trump is now going to put an end to it:

In Qatar, the US and the Taliban have already signed a Basic Peace Agreement and a meeting between Trump and the Taliban will follow later this year.

If the Taliban meet the conditions * that have been set for them, NATO will withdraw from Afghanistan in 14 months.

Abdul Ghani Baradar, one of the founders and leaders of the Taliban, who is also a signatory to the basic peace agreement, says he wants to adhere to the agreed conditions.

* The conditions imposed on the Taliban:

-The Taliban embraces women's rights
- Discard all ties with Al-Qaeda
Fighting IS / ISIS

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