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Trump writes decree for Freedom of Speech on Social Media

Donald Trump has stepped up the war against censoring social media companies.

Trump was already fighting for freedom of expression on social media. In recent days, Donald Trump also removed 2 tweets for the following reason: "Potential deception".

He threatens to regulate or even shut down the social media platforms. Probably not an ideal solution.

Twitter has added a fact-check label to some of its, and others. (source) (source)

The Mainstream Media (such as one of the sources of this article, CNN) keep the impression that this is likely to make little difference and that Trump has no chance. They talk about what legal options there are for Donald Trump to counter this. This is possible, this is not possible etc. (read CNN)

But it's not just about Donald Trump and what he's threatening. Anti-Trump CNN (and many others) overlook another important factor.

Public opinion of the users. Something CNN knows everything about after their falling numbers. (for TV viewers, that's how it works at the NPO. No viewers, no NPO. Corona sensation = viewers. Lots of viewers. The more people stay at home, the more viewers.)

Do you remember Hyves yet? Wasn't it thought possible that it would ever disappear?

These companies have to make money and have shareholders. And once public opinion starts to turn against these platforms in part and stop using them, it can be done very quickly. And Donald Trump sends this public opinion for a significant, and growing, share.

We cannot write things that we are not sure about, but you can count on working hard to break through this censorship, on a very large scale! In that respect, we predict a brighter future in (online) censorship, although many will say that it is going the other way which is also very logical.

As soon as CNN reports on Trump, alarm bells should immediately ring with everyone. (Dutch subtitles).


Facebook seems to be “turning up”.

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