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Tunisian attacks people with ax and machete

A 27-year-old Tunisian was arrested in Augsburg after attacking innocent passers-by with an ax and a machete.

This happened around 4am last Tuesday morning. The migrant randomly started attacking people in the University district of Augsburg, the report said Augsburger Allgemeine. (source)

First he smashed the windshield of an AVV bus with an ax.

The driver was behind the wheel but was able to drive off on time.

A few minutes later, the 27-year-old migrant stopped a 50-year-old woman by hitting the side windows of the car with his ax again. He threatened the 50-year-old woman,

A 28-year-old German resident saw it happen and came to the rescue of the woman. He tried to overpower the migrant.


The man who wanted to save the woman was himself hit in the head with a machete. The man was injured, but the heroic man was able to prevent further attacks.

The 28-year-old rescuer has been taken to hospital with a head injury but he is out of danger.

The motives are still being investigated. The newspaper, of course, reports that there is “a confused man”. (source)

There are a lot of confused men with a non-western background in Germany today. The so-called attorneys and dentists have caused more than a million violent and sex crimes, with the regular death of Germans as a result.

See this article:

Angela Merkel defends 800.000 migrant crimes against German people


Search our website using the search function for the word “Germany” and you will know enough. All those events took place in a short period of time. This website was founded in October 2019.

Germany is heavily burdened by migration. And for Augsburg, this attack is not new.

Last December, a firefighter was murdered by senseless violence from refugees:

Man killed by 7 young people. Two 17-year-old immigrants arrested.

To get an idea of ​​how things are in Germany and how Merkel does this, see this video:

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