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Turkey is causing tensions with Cyprus and Greece

The increasingly aggressive Turkish regime is raising tensions with neighboring countries Greece and Cyprus.

The tensions were already ready to cut. Turkey conducted illegal drilling practices in Cypriot waters, causing tensions to rise.

"The plotted Turkish drill plan shows the real intentions of Ankara, which is continuing to implement its illegal expansion plans, during an unprecedented pandemic that defies humanity.", was the official response from Cyprus.

As a result of these illegal drillings, the EU threatened to impose more sanctions. (source)

Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, basically laughs the EU off and says that drilling will continue.

Read an extensive article on Sceptr about these drilling practices here:

Turkey is now taking tensions to an even higher level.

Last weekend, Turkey conducted large-scale military exercises in the Mediterranean and Aegean with 27 warships, patrol aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicle (MAVs). (source)




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