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Turkey: "Migrants back to Greek border after virus crisis"

Despite the troubled 125 million euros that Erdogan took with him after putting pressure on Angela Merkel, it is far from ready for Turkey. (source)

As for Minister Süleyman Soyilu, Minister of the Interior, migrants are once again dropped at the Greek border in an attempt to invade the EU.

For the time being, they have been taken by bus to a deportation center until the pandemic is over. (source) (source)

The literal words (threat) of this Minister in a television interview:

"'We have brought the refugees back to nine provinces. We will receive them in deportation centers. The operation lasted from night to morning (Friday March 27 to Saturday March 28). About 5800 refugees have been removed from the border region.

It was a precaution. We had to do it. But no one should feel comfortable with it anymore. (meaning that the EU should not think it will stop here) ”

In a tone that can be considered almost threatening, Turkish Interior Minister warned:

"When the coronavirus pandemic is over, we will not deter immigrants who want to return to the Greek-Turkish border in Pazar." (source)

The reaction of the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs George Koumoutsakos:

“This announcement from Soyilu should now also open people who still doubted Turkey's blackmail. The migrants are simply used as a weapon. This is how the EU is being blackmailed. ” (source)

Last month, the same Minister Soyilu said: “Europe will change. Their economy will collapse. ”

You would say that the European Union has learned their lesson. But the EU wants to expand. A great super condition. A central power in Brussels. Did the EU also refuse to allow Turkey?

While the world is in turmoil over the Coronavirus, the EU just keeps going. Our new “partners” in the European Union will be North Macedonia and the thoroughly corrupt Albania. The Netherlands (Stef Blok) has also agreed to this and negotiations have started.

The Netherlands suddenly agrees accession to EU criminal Balkan countries



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