Turkey resumes demographic warfare against Greece

Before Europe and Turkey went into lockdown, Turkey was busy busing tens of thousands of migrants to the Greek-Turkish border.

The Turks wanted to pressure Greece and the EU for more money, by releasing tens of thousands of young men on the European external border. Obviously, this already worked with Angela Merkel in March:

Merkel to his knees for Erdogan: More money to Turkey

Greece and Bulgaria bravely defended themselves and largely managed to stop the migrant invasion.

And suddenly the power dried up because of the fear of the coronavirus among migrants and the Turkish authorities.

Now, a few months and flu cases later, the Turks are again increasing pressure on the Greek border.

The Turkish Interior Minister said he wanted to restart the migrant invasion of the European external border in the media the day before yesterday.

And in the meantime several “refugee boats” have already tried to sail from the Turkish coast to the Greek islands.

A Frontex (EU Border Guard) vessel was harassed by Turkish coastal patrol to make room for the migrant boats.

This is in addition to the violation of Greek airspace by Turkish jets to intimidate Greece.



Renaissance Horizon - “Turkey Resumes Against Demographic Warfare

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