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Turkey is sending thousands of migrants back to the Greek border

According to the Greeks, Erdogan returns thousands of migrants to the border region between Turkey and Greece.

Satellite images and secret reports from the security services demonstrate this.


So weeks after the Turkish Interior Minister has promised that they will not send migrants back to the border area, that promise is apparently also broken. (source)

An official from the Greek government reported to The Times that suspicious cases are underway and that border guards are back on the alert. (source)

He also reported that Erdogan will continue to blackmail Europe with 3.6 million migrants as weapons. That while Angela Merkel recently put 125 million Euros in Erdogan's breast pocket with the message: "There is more."

Merkel to his knees for Erdogan: More money to Turkey


Stelios Petsas, another official of the Greek government said it is clear "Signs of activity" and that Greece "Does what it can do to protect Europe's borders." (source)

But although it seemed quiet in recent weeks, that is very relative. The Greeks have had to stop 2 boats full of migrants in the last 21 weeks alone.

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