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Turkmen President PROHIBITS Corona

Turkmenistan's President Berdimuhamedov bans corona in his country.

That is another news.

Last month, corona information leaflets were hung in a Turkmen hospital, but they had to be removed immediately by order of the government.

Wearing face masks is also not allowed in Turkmenistan.

Newspapers that write about corona use the words, instead of the word coronavirus: illness, flu, or acute breathing problems.

President Berdimuhamedov


At the end of February, the President closed all Turkmen borders and international flights from the capital Ashgabat to Turkmenabad in the North East were diverted to create a quarantine there. 

Airplanes were immediately returned from China in early February and air traffic to China and a number of other countries was shut down.

The president, who took office on February 14, 2007, released on Tuesday, April 7 World Health Day, the big annual cycling race just go ahead.

Berdimuhamediv, himself an avid cyclist, calls himself the president of strength and happiness. he is very much into herbal and plant medicine and wrote his own book about it, but his health advice is derided by journalists worldwide.

Offices and markets have been disinfected with the smoke of dried yuzarlik plants and harmala since March 13 to chase away the corona virus by order of President Gurbanguli Berdimuhamedov.

Gurbanguli is also ridiculed for his online image, because he can often be seen in videos where he practices kickboxing and strength training as a 'model of health'.

Gurbanguli, his first name is the name of a flower, claims that there are zero corona deaths in his country.

Traffic between cities is restricted, but restaurants and cafes are open as usual.
Massive parties and events are allowed and no one is wearing face masks.

So while the whole world is at a standstill, Turkmens happily marry.

But European mainstream media disagrees! This in NOT part of the plan!

Left-wing journalists from the BBC wonder:
Is President Berdimuhamedov hiding the truth ?!
Can we trust his numbers?
How many corona tests are there in Turkmenistan?
How many Turkmens have been tested exactly?

Wonderful to read such things from the most corrupt mainstream media in the world.

The BBC calls Gurbanguli Berdimuhamedov a tyrannical monarch of one of the worst dictatorships in the world.

He is said to be an autocrat with a monopoly on the state media.

However, every day CSTV publishes evidence in their resistance newspaper that the NETHERLANDS meanwhile resembles a dictatorship, that the WHO is a sole ruler and Rutte a lying tyrant in a Banana Republic.


Turkmenistan is not the only country. Read also how the Belarusians approach it. Especially drink Vodka!

President Belarus: "Fear of COVID19 is a psychosis!"


DO NOT talk about Corona:

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