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Turkish government actively cooperates in attack on Greek border

The German intelligence agency (BND) says that the Turkish government has deployed people (state actors) disguised as migrants to fuel the riots and even actively cooperate.

This came up today in an article by the German Focus (source).

The “actors” themselves also threw projectiles at the Greek border guards and helped with various arson attacks to break through the Greek border. (source)

It is clear that Erdogan denies this.

It all started at the end of February. Turkey opened its borders by announcing to the migrant horde that they could enter the European Union through Greece. (source)

The result was several weeks of war between migrants and Greek border guards (with the help of, among others, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Frontex).

Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia in the breach for Greece

Most migrants are not from Syria (only 4%), as has always been said. Most are from Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan (source)

Still, Angela Merkel gave 125 million dollars to dictator Erdogan for the "Syrian refugees" to support. And the cut can open even further, if necessary. Merkel said. (source)

For a few days, the migrants who came to the border by bus have been taken away by the Turks. According to the Turkish Interior Minister because of the Corona outbreak. (source)


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