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US whistleblower testifies under penalty of perjury: 'more than 45.000 deaths within 3 days of Covid-19 vaccine administration between December 2020 and July 2021'

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During the Reawaken America Tour over the weekend of July 17-18, attorney Thomas Renz announced that more than 19 deaths have occurred in the US since the start of the US Covid-14 vaccination campaign from December 2020, 9 through July 45.000. 3 days after vaccination. According to the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System), the official US government database for the registration of vaccine adverse events, on July 9, 2021 there were 9.048 registered deaths instead of the more than 45.000. This shows that there is a large under-reporting of the number of deaths within the VAERS system.

Renz bases these statements on a whistleblower statement from a woman who states under the alias “Jane Doe” that she claims to have made this professional assessment. She is a computer programmer by profession with expertise in healthcare data analysis and has access to the official Medicare and Medicaid databases of the US government where she has discovered the discrepancies between these databases and those of VAERS. This shocking discovery prompted her to make this statement under penalty of perjury. You can read the full translated whistleblower statement here.

The statement by “Jane Doe” is contained in an American Frontline Doctors' indictment against US Secretary of Health & Social Affairs, Xavier Becerra. The suit was filed on July 19 in the US District Court for the Northern District of Alabama. You can find the full indictment here.

Renz emphasizes at the end of his speech that, although he will do his best to fight for justice and (medical) freedom for the American people, one should not put all their trust and hope in active people like him but also in action must be taken. Renz calls on people to show courage and take action, especially at a local level.

You can watch Thomas Renz's translated speech at the Reawaken America Tour here. Duration is 10:12 minutes.

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About the Reawaken America Tour

The Reawaken America Tour is an initiative of entrepreneur coach and co-founder of the ThriveTimeShow, Clay Clark, and from Pastor Phil Hotsenpiller, leader of the Church influence in Anaheim, California and founder of the news platform American Faith.

The Reawaken America Tour grew out of the successful Health & Freedom conference of June 2021 that Clay Clark in association with General Michael Flynn had organized. It was a huge success that Clay Clark wanted to continue with. On Gen. Flynn's advice was to rebrand the tour as the Reawaken America Tour and the first event on July 17 & 18, 2021 was hosted at Hotsenpiller's megachurch in Anaheim, California. It was livestreamed to approximately 7 million viewers and tickets sold out quickly. There were about 40 speakers during the two-day event, including Thomas Renz.

The Reawaken America Tour has Christian roots and lets people speak who are usually censored by the mainstream media when they speak out against the official Covid narrative. Non-Christian speakers also have their say. According to Hotsenpiller, the aim of the event is to encourage people to get involved in local politics and school governance.

“We get upset about national issues, and that's a good thing. But real change happens at the local level,” says Hotsenpiller. “People have to stand for election or come to important meetings. And never underestimate the impact you can make. It has been proven in California; the provinces with good local government have no cross-border involvement from the state government.”

The Reawaken America Tour has a threefold purpose:

  1. Killing the spirit of fear that grips so many Americans.
  2. Exposing the lies and revealing the truth.
  3. Calling the church to action, specifically by being involved in the church and local politics.

A number of speakers on the tour have spoken:

Gene. Michael Flynn, Patrick Byrne, Mike Lindell and Roger Stone; attorneys Sidney Powell, Leigh Dundas and Lin Wood; doctors Simone Gold, Richard Bartlett, Sherri Tenpenny, Mark Sherwood and dr. Carrie Madej; and predecessors Greg Locke, David Scarlett and Phil Hotsenpiller, among others.

An event was also held on August 19-21 where ao dr. Carrie Madej has spoken. More information about this will follow shortly.

A new event will be livestreamed on September 24-25. You can follow the tour on the website of American Faith & follow the live streams on the ThriveTimeShow and on &

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