No words for it.

We are waiting for further reporting and reactions to, and whether this (election) story will get a tail end?


mark rutte says he is 'super proud' of the election victory. “We have become the largest party in the Netherlands for the fourth time in a row. This makes you very humble. It lifts you up, but it also gives you great responsibility. ” The VVD leader repeated that he wants a short formation. “In that formation it would be wise to look: if we have that corona crisis behind us, what is needed? If you look at the results, it is very obvious that VVD and D66 will talk. I have already said that we also like to work with the CDA. But it is still early. ”

Sophie Hermans VVD campaign leader about the exit polls. According to her, the Netherlands is expressing confidence in the VVD and Mark Rutte to continue in the 'unprecedented crisis' and to make 'a flying start' together.


"Democrats, it worked," said Kaag. “D66 There was criticism. But in recent months I have had the feeling that people were ready for the optimism and vision of D66. I have always believed that the Dutch are not extreme but moderate. The Dutch are working every day to make life a little better. Teachers, entrepreneurs, students, parents, grandparents. Our message has resonated with all of them. ”

Kaag said she wanted to cooperate with other parties, but immediately said what she will put the emphasis on. “Tackling the climate disaster cannot wait. Nobody has to wait for that. We want to be more progressive, fairer and especially greener. This result means that we have a great responsibility. We take that trust very seriously. We are ready."


Video is back. Elections Affected! "This is concerning," said Wybren of Haga.

The removal of the video in the above article within half an hour of posting also provided food for thought.



“Voting fraud is 100%! The Netherlands now also has a 2-party system. ”

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