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VVD: 'No discussion' about Rutte's corona policy 3

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The Dutch population has been experiencing what it is like to live in the corona crisis and that for 9 months creates resistance. At the beginning of the corona crisis, citizens assumed that the measures would only be short-lived, we now know better. In fact, in 21 days the corona crisis has passed through winter, spring, summer and autumn. Both on the street and on social media the growing resistance to the measures of Rutte 3 is strongly felt, and there it is government party VVD not happy.


Press conference

During the corona press conference on October 13, Rutte already announced that there was 'no discussion' about the choice to limit the maximum group size to 4. A striking statement in the face of the 'People's Party for Freedom and Democracy'. "4 is 4, no discussion," he said firmly. Something
which cannot be interpreted otherwise as silencing the citizen.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte at the press conference on October 13, 2020

Klaas Dijkhoff also wants to make it clear to the population that a discussion about Rutte 3's measures is out of the question. Immediately after the press conference, VVD party chairman Klaas Dijkhoff tweeted the following: 




Dijkhoff went a step further during the poorly viewed online VVD talk show VVD-live. The VVD party chairman called the discussion about whether or not to vaccinate 'bizarre'. He added: 


"Choose yourself, but choose to do it." - Klaas Dijkhoff 



VVD party chairman Klaas Dijkhoff during VVD live on November 21, 2020


We can therefore conclude that the VVD does not want a discussion about the measures taken by Rutte 3. Furthermore, the party chairman of the party finds it 'bizarre' that citizens are discussing whether or not to get vaccinated. Basically, the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy just wants the people to stay in step without any form of criticism.



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