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May I have your attention, please ? 25/03/21 what a special day that was.

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Do you remember? The pieter oversees that kajsa lashed out ollongren on 25/03/21?

ANP Verkenners


Or perhaps the bomb threat in the courtyard…. yes 25/03/21.


But did you also know that on the same day the european council met to discuss and determine the future / the new normal for you and your children? Probably not.

Europese Raad - Raad van de Europese Unie

Video conference of the members of the European Council, 25 March 2021


There was namely in one video conference discussed which rules and duties will be unleashed on you by issuing verification and acceptance of interoperable vaccination, testing, recovery certificates in order to facilitate free movement during covid 19 pandemic (digital green certificate)


It is a lot of money to read, but I recommend that you do it anyway.

Don't be fooled by the very first line in the reportThe right of EU citizens to move and reside freely within the European Union is one of the
major achievements of the EU and an important factor for the economy of the
EU. ¨ You get the feeling of ¨ yes, idd I also have rights¨

But read on.

You will encounter interesting things on your journey in this report, such as eg.

¨In accordance with point 17 of Council Recommendation (EU) 2020/1475, Member States may
require persons traveling from risk areas in another Member State to go into quarantine / self-isolation and / or before and / or after arriving at SARS-CoV-2-
contamination tested. Travelers arriving from areas marked with dark red
should be in accordance with point 17 of the Council Recommendation
subject to enhanced public health measures.
In order to demonstrate that the various requirements have been met, travelers have been requested to use several
Submit types of evidence, such as medical certificates, test results, or

Concentration Camps: Tattoos. - WW2 Gravestone


¨For example, while children are not yet eligible for COVID-19 vaccination, they should
can obtain a test or recovery certificate, which is also submitted by their parents on their behalf
can be received

Children during the Holocaust | Holocaust EncyclopediaZara apologises over 'Holocaust' children's pyjamas

And many more functions

Please read it carefully cellar_38de66f4-8807-11eb-ac4c-01aa75ed71a1.0021.02_DOC_1


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