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Volkskrant angry with people with common sense because of #ditismijnzorg

Hijacking #ditismijnzorg - a big and clear signal to the government and the media

The government and influencers have planned a campaign for tomorrow to motivate people to submit to the corona measures and to obey the lockdown.

People should submit selfies with face masks to make a statement against those who don't.

In other words: State propaganda polarizes and continues to lie to people, no matter how clear the facts are.

In 10 months time, de Volkskrant, or any other media, has given the floor to people who are very well informed, but they have a ready opinion.


That campaign has been hijacked today by people who see through the whole game and are done with this government and their draconian measures. It arose spontaneously, so Rutte does not have to call in an anti-terror team yet, but they are more concerned about truth speakers from all walks of life with a good heart than about real dangerous groups. Logical: Their power bubble, which seemed to last forever, is pierced and pulls out all the stops and doesn't shy away from anything to prevent that.

But humans simply have access to a great deal of knowledge and you are not going to stop this phenomenon.

The hashtag #thisishealthcare was trending all day and will be trending tomorrow.

De Volkskrant turns a government campaign into a “doctors campaign”. 

We are very sure that there are more doctors who see through all this than doctors who really believe in this absurd story and this stupid policy. But the regular cabal "experts" will take care of it and those who try to reassure their patients will receive a threatening letter from the government on their doorstep.

Government threatens GPs

How people speak about a group of people in the Netherlands from all walks of life can be called a scandal.

An insult to people of common sense and a clear sign of the stupidity and corruption of the media.

Not realizing that these are not “some conspiracy thinkers” but that so many tweets represent a significant portion of the population.

Always: “complete choice”. Never comment on the content of those crazy ones. Nobody dares to invite them. And we know why.

Censorship. Facts are conspiracies. People want to keep us in that world. But it will not work. You are not stopping this. It is not a group with some leaders standing up but a phenomenon. A collective awareness.

And the truth always comes out.

Watch how de Volkskrant reports on this and judge for yourself.


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