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WHO's predictions proved partly accurate accuraat

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On April 24, 2020, the WHO published a paper in which they foresaw the societal, economic and social consequences of lockdowns.

Collateral damage was predicted to be poverty, structural unemployment, hunger, increase in drug and alcohol consumption, increase in suicides, ill health, decrease in life expectancy, increase in domestic violence, social unrest, higher mortality, increase in crime, widen the wealth gap, higher illiteracy , lower education level, loneliness of the elderly and the collapse of social cohesion.

In this lecture by the renowned physician-epidemiologist ioannidis The damage in a number of areas appears to be reasonably adequately predicted by the WHO. The WHO's assessment of the lethality of the virus, the IFR (3.4%) was a factor of 10-20 too high. Unfortunately, in his opinion, the lockdowns have also had no effect on the number of Corona deaths. In his opinion, it would have made more sense to address risk factors for a bad outcome from Corona such as overweight, smoking, poverty and accessibility of health care. Unfortunately, the lockdowns have backfired on these factors.

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